add github mirrors of less reliably hosted files
[handheld-gentoo-overlays:n8x0.git] / x11-misc / nokia-tablets-pointercal / nokia-tablets-pointercal-1.1.ebuild
2011-10-31 Luke Dashjradd github mirrors of less reliably hosted files
2011-10-02 Marat RadchenkoRevert "moved package sources from various unreliable...
2011-10-02 Marat Radchenkomoved package sources from various unreliable places...
2010-09-18 Marat Radchenkomake repoman happy
2010-05-09 Marat Radchenko[x11-misc/nokia-tablets-pointercal] remove dead upstrea...
2009-11-29 Marat Radchenkomark n8x0-env & deps stable
2009-06-10 Luke Dashjrmirrors of other Mer-only sources
2009-04-01 rootwifi & bluetooth initial support added
2009-02-16 Marat Radchenkoinitial checkin