last changeMon, 20 Apr 2015 14:57:25 +0000 (16:57 +0200)
2015-04-20 François Revolgcc: fix PPC LINK_SPEC so bootstrapping gcc works again master
2015-04-20 François Revolgcc: force -fPIC instead of -fpic by default on ppc
2015-04-20 François Revolbinutils: fix PPC GOT issue
2015-04-19 François Revolgcc: update ppc linker emulation name
2015-04-19 François Revolbinutils: rename elf_ppc_haiku emulation to elf32ppchaiku
2015-04-18 François Revolbinutils: reorder ppc dependency
2014-12-26 Jérôme DuvalMerge binutils 2.25
2014-12-26 Jérôme Duvalimport binutils 2.25
2014-12-21 Jérôme DuvalMerge gcc 4.8.4
2014-12-21 Jérôme Duvalimport gcc 4.8.4
2014-11-07 mshlynFix x86 configure option for crosscompile on Linux
2014-10-21 Jessica Hamiltonjam: add internal dependencies for multi-file generatin...
2014-10-15 Adrien DestuguesForgot to fix LDBL_MIN...
2014-10-15 Adrien Destuguesgcc2: rewrite LDBL_MIN/MAX/EPSILON without hex-floats.
2014-10-14 Adrien Destuguesgcc2: fix LDBL_MIN, LDBL_MAX, and LDBL_EPSILON
2014-10-13 Jessica HamiltonDon't switch on -shared if the user specifies -r.
3 years ago master