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last changeWed, 4 Dec 2013 20:37:35 +0000 (21:37 +0100)
2013-12-04 Jerome Duvalx86_64: publish some media libraries master
2013-12-04 Jerome Duvalffmpeg: fix x86_64 build, remove libbz2
2013-12-04 Jerome Duvallibmedia: use size_t consistently in rtm_pool.
2013-12-04 Adrien DestuguesMove {en,de}code_base64 to the support kit
2013-12-04 Gerasim Troeglazovntfs: Directory position must be signed
2013-12-04 Gerasim Troeglazovntfs: Fix several warnings
2013-12-04 Gerasim Troeglazovntfs: Update ntfs3g
2013-12-04 Adrien DestuguesTerminal tabs: use B_WITH_FROM_LABEL
2013-12-03 Rene GollentFix ICNSTranslator hybrid build.
2013-12-03 Adrien DestuguesBring the hybrid translators back into the image.
2013-12-03 Jérôme DuvalAvoid undefined behavior by using unsigned int instead...
2013-12-03 Adrien DestuguesCookie Jar: allow setting cookies on "file" URLs.
2013-12-03 Adrien DestuguesHttpRequest: simplify and optimize receiving loop
2013-12-02 Jérôme DuvalActivityMonitor: completes hrev46476
2013-12-02 Freeman LouActivityMonitor: Settings now modal when always on...
2013-12-02 Ingo WeinholdUpdate gcc 4 package for x86
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