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last changeWed, 14 Aug 2013 19:48:11 +0000 (21:48 +0200)
2013-08-14 Frank LanitzSome further changes on LaTeX template master
2013-08-14 Frank LanitzFix of LaTeX template for printing out & etc. correct
2013-08-14 Tim SchumacherDont escape the text.
2013-08-14 Tim SchumacherMove wordwraping into the publishers.
2013-08-14 Frank LanitzAdding a patch for downloading the PDF to emailtemplate
2013-08-14 Tim SchumacherEscape LaTex special characters.
2013-08-14 Tim SchumacherAdd wordwrap to the event text.
2013-08-14 Frank LanitzEmailtemplate adjusted to fit with long text
2013-08-11 Tim SchumacherMerge branch 'master' of
2013-08-11 Frank LanitzUpdate of email tempalte to make indention correct
2013-08-11 Tim SchumacherSeperated date and time for the start- and enddates.
2013-08-11 Tim SchumacherAdd the output folder to the git ignore settings
2013-08-11 Tim SchumacherUse the request modules and not the https module.
2013-08-11 Tim SchumacherAdded the request package.
2013-08-11 Tim SchumacherChanged the url.
2013-01-22 Tim SchumacherMerge branch 'master' of
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