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2013-04-30 chekovtweak size of form elements master
2013-04-30 chekovredirect from index to secure form, clean up css, refer...
2013-04-30 chekovuse different .html template for secret input
2013-04-29 chekovuse templates for token and feature-selection
2013-04-29 chekovMove styling into styles.css, clean up colors
2013-04-29 chekovhtml5 template, viewport+css for mobile
2013-04-29 Frank LanitzUsing a static 404-page
2013-04-29 Frank LanitzSetting a title to HTML-page
2013-04-29 Frank LanitzMoving CSS into .css file
2013-04-29 Frank LanitzMoing some HTML-Code to static HTML page and adding...
2013-04-29 chekovBuzz after 15sec instead of 5
2012-09-18 Jan Huwaldvarious lighttpd fixes, broken Strict-Transport-Security
2012-09-18 Jan Huwaldbugs, bugs everywhere
2012-09-18 Jan Huwaldredirect after door open, refractor header generation
2012-09-18 Jan Huwalduse hashed secret
2012-09-18 Jan HuwaldInitial commit
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