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2013-09-20 Sebastian Wagnerunify colon usage in labeling of registration template improveForm master
2013-09-20 Sebastian Wagnersubmit, cancel-type attribute for controls buttons...
2013-09-19 Tim Schumacheradded a readme
2013-09-19 Tim SchumacherAdded the composer.lock
2013-09-19 Tim SchumacherAdded a gitignore with the vendor path
2013-09-19 Tim SchumacherAdd server side error handling
2013-09-19 Tim SchumacherAdd translateability
2013-09-19 Tim SchumacherUpdated dependencies.
2013-09-12 Tim Schumacherrename the registration form to 'registration_form...
2013-09-11 Tim SchumacherInitial commit.
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