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2012-10-20 Francescostarted to update to new chiplotle 0.4.1 api. not reall... master
2011-04-05 Francesco Fantoniadded kinect client
2011-03-15 Francesco Fantonireverted back changes to virtual plotter instantiation...
2011-02-08 Francesco Fantonichanged header on website
2011-02-05 Francesco FantoniI had forgotten multiple pens cycling in single-sheet...
2011-02-04 Francesco Fantoniadded multi pen feature, you can select the number...
2011-02-04 Francesco Fantoniadded new qt server template
2011-02-01 Francesco Fantonitypo fixed
2011-02-01 Francesco Fantonichanged virtual plotter instantiation call according...
2010-11-29 Francesco Fantonifirst draft of Openframeworks C++ client for hackaplot
2010-11-27 Francesco Fantoniseparated fwd and broadcasted messages, so forwarding... experimental
2010-11-26 Francesco Fantonimodified cli server for use of new oscserver class...
2010-11-26 Francesco Fantonifixed broken import statement
2010-11-26 Francesco Fantonideleted server/
2010-11-26 Francesco Fantoniunified oscserver and oscserverfwd
2010-11-25 Francesco Fantonifixed re-bounce bug: forwarded packages must travel...
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