last changeWed, 21 Apr 2010 15:33:14 +0000 (16:33 +0100)
2010-04-21 Ross BurtonFix typo (thanks master
2010-04-09 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.7.2 gssdp-0.7.2
2010-04-09 Zeeshan Ali... Use complete paths of sources in GIR build rule
2010-04-07 Zeeshan Ali... Hide internal API from introspection scanner
2010-04-03 Zeeshan Ali... Add gobject-introspection check macro
2010-03-18 Jens GeorgAdd ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS so that autoreconf will obey ACLOCA...
2010-03-18 Neil Obey the ACLOCAL_FLAGS environment variable
2010-01-25 Zeeshan Ali... If target is not a URN, no need to deal with version
2010-01-25 Zeeshan Ali... Version in target must be at the end of the string
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonUse silent rules
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonUpdate ignores
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonBuild introspection data
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonCheck for gobject-introspection
2009-12-04 Zeeshan Ali... Prepare release 0.7.1 gssdp-0.7.1
2009-12-02 Olivier CrĂȘteHave specific GError code for interfaces without an...
2009-12-02 Ross BurtonIf we can't create a request socket don't try to create...
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