2011-04-15 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.8.3 gupnp-tools-0.8.3
2011-04-15 Jens GeorgUse expanders for in- and out arguments
2011-04-15 Jens GeorgRestore old action dialog behaviour
2011-04-15 Jens GeorgFix DIDL-Lite browser of gupnp-av-cp
2011-04-11 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.8.2 gupnp-tools-0.8.2
2011-04-11 Jens GeorgDon't use deprecated functions
2011-04-11 Jens GeorgConvert glade files to gtk3
2011-04-11 Zeeshan Ali... Require gtk+ 3.0.0
2011-02-02 Luis de BethencourtClear the ChangeLog file 1
2011-01-10 Sven NeumannFix icon name in warning
2011-01-10 Zeeshan Ali... Require gtk+ >= 2.90
2010-09-16 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.8.1 gupnp-tools-0.8.1
2010-09-16 Zeeshan Ali... Require gupnp-av >= 0.5.5
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Revert "Add basic hacker-orientation tool to browse...
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Set ID for the root containers
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Make it possible for user to select containers
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Glade3 wants to move nodes around again, let it!
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Add metadata dialog
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Refactor: Separate function for BrowseMetadata
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... 'icon-size' property is now obsolete
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Minor refactor
2010-09-01 Zeeshan Ali... Add popup menu to playlist treeview
2010-03-18 Neil Obey the ACLOCAL_FLAGS environment variable
2010-03-18 Ross BurtonChange child_count to a signed int, and handle -1 as...
2009-12-04 Jens GeorgCorrectly install icons on win32
2009-12-04 Jens GeorgMark exported symbols as such
2009-12-04 Jens GeorgMake sure everything builds on windows
2009-11-30 Zeeshan Ali... Get rid of redundant newline in warning messages
2009-11-30 Ross BurtonAdd ignores
2009-11-30 Ross BurtonAdd basic hacker-orientation tool to browse ContentDire...
2009-08-31 Zeeshan Ali... Announcement for release 0.8 gupnp-tools-0.8
2009-08-21 Zeeshan Ali... Add cmdline option to specify network interface
2009-08-21 Zeeshan Ali... Port the code to new gupnp and gupnp-av APIs
2009-08-06 Zeeshan Ali... Adapt to changes in GUPnPDIDLLiteParser API
2009-08-03 Zeeshan Ali... API update: DIDLLite object API got GObject'ified
2009-07-31 Zeeshan Ali... API update: Some props of resource are now optional
2009-07-31 Zeeshan Ali... API update: GUPnPDIDLLiteResource is now a GObject
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... No need to care about hosting of desc doc anymore
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Cast the signal handlers to make compiler happy
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Signal handlers as passed gpointer not 'gpointer *'
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Use new api to leave CP management to gupnp
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Fix infinite loop in icon cancelation code
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Keep ref to DeviceInfo in IconData
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Keep CPs & contexts in GList rather than GHashTable
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Correct context equality check for av-cp as well
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Use G_CALLBACK to setisfy the compiler
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... No need to search for all resources anymore
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Require gupnp-av 0.5
2009-07-26 Zeeshan Ali... Leave selection of resource to gupnp-av
2009-07-26 Zeeshan Ali... Keep and use the original SinkProtocolInfo string
2009-07-24 Zeeshan Ali... Fix a typo
2009-07-14 Zeeshan Ali... Check equality of context names as well
2009-07-14 Zeeshan Ali... Bump-up minor version infact
2009-06-26 Zeeshan Ali... Bump-up micro version
2009-06-26 Zeeshan Ali... Bump-up gupnp requirement to 0.13
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Only create the device description once.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Generate the UUID only once.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Remove an unneeded check and action based on it.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Update console message.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Support for multiple networks.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Update childCount after browsing is done
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Always re-browse container on updates
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Don't browse containers with no children
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Keep childCount of containers in the treestore
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Specify filter in Browse to reduce network usage
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Minor indentation fix
2009-05-20 Zeeshan Ali... Add lenient mode
2009-05-12 Zeeshan Ali... Prepare notes for release 0.7.1. gupnp-tools-0.7.1
2009-04-27 Zeeshan Ali... Make it clear that av-cp is only a Control Point.
2009-04-16 Zeeshan Ali... Bump-up gtk+ requirement to 2.16.
2009-04-16 Zeeshan Ali... Bump-up version.
2009-04-15 Zeeshan Ali... No need to destroy widgets acquired from GtkBuilder.
2009-04-15 Zeeshan Ali... Re-convert most part of UI files using glade3.
2009-04-15 Zeeshan Ali... Bring back the tooltip.
2009-04-15 Zeeshan Ali... Add adjustments to scale widgets.
2009-04-15 Zeeshan Ali... Recreate the UI files using Glade3.
2009-04-14 Zeeshan Ali... First big step towards freedom from libglade.
2009-03-27 Zeeshan Ali... Iterate over item resources rather than renderer protocols.
2009-03-20 Zeeshan Ali... Correct the order of mimetype check.
2009-03-19 Zeeshan Ali... Use g_content_type_is_a() to compare mimetypes.
2009-02-27 Zeeshan Ali... Fix a typo.
2008-11-24 Zeeshan AliAdd missing casts.
2008-11-24 Zeeshan AliDeclare variables as const to setisfy the compiler.
2008-11-24 Zeeshan AliInitialize the GError to NULL at declaration.
2008-11-24 Zeeshan AliUse g_printerr() instead of g_critical() in case of...
2008-11-05 Zeeshan AliReplace my non-working "" email with...
2008-10-28 Zeeshan AliUpdate the release announcement according to the last... gupnp-tools-0.7
2008-10-28 Zeeshan AliInitialize the thread system before doing anything...
2008-10-27 Zeeshan AliPrepare NEWS file for release 0.7.
2008-10-27 Zeeshan AliAdd 'gupnp-upload' to list of tools in README.
2008-10-27 Zeeshan AliBump-up version to 0.7.
2008-10-27 Zeeshan AliSmall refactoring.
2008-10-13 Zeeshan AliUse g_main_loop_unref() instead of g_object_unref(...
2008-10-13 Zeeshan AliSupport uploading of multiple files.
2008-10-13 Zeeshan AliDisplay the name of the file being transfered.
2008-10-13 Zeeshan AliInvert the order of commandline arguments.
2008-10-13 Zeeshan AliIntroducing gupnp-upload.
2008-10-13 Zeeshan AliRequire GIO >= 2.12.
2008-10-01 Zeeshan AliA bit more beautiful error dialog. :)
2008-10-01 Zeeshan AliUse a message dialog to display action invocation.