2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Don't free the profiles list gupnp-dlna-0.3 gupnp-dlna-0.3.0
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add 'extended' mode property
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add getters for properties
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Remove unused variable
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavandocs: Update NEWS
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump to version 0.3.0
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Don't depend on gcc-specific attributes
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump version to 0.2.2
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Add some debug output
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add 'extended' mode property
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add 'relaxed' and 'extended' mode properties
2010-08-14 Arun Raghavandocs: Add GUPnPDLNAProfile generated docs
2010-08-14 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Update GUPnPDLNAProfile documentation
2010-08-14 Parthasarathi... tools: Add a tool to list supported profiles
2010-08-14 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: Add an API to list profiles
2010-08-14 Arun Raghavandocs: Add a note about Gst initialisation
2010-08-14 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Move profile list to DLNADiscovererClass
2010-08-14 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Clean up non-matched profiles
2010-08-13 Arun Raghavantests: Add a test harness for testing discoverer
2010-08-13 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Support interlaced files
2010-08-13 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix typo in AVC_MP4_MP_HD_1080i_AAC
2010-08-13 Arun Raghavanxml: Add support for AVC_MP4_MP_HD_1080i
2010-08-13 Arun Raghavanxml: Add support for AVC_MP4_MP_HD_720p_AAC
2010-08-12 Arun Raghavanxml: Factor out common resolutions
2010-08-12 Arun Raghavanxml: Add support for some AVC_MP4_MP_SD* profiles
2010-08-12 Arun Raghavanxml: Factor out AC3 restriction
2010-08-12 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Make GUPnPDLNAProfile opaque
2010-08-12 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Fix private structure registration
2010-08-10 Arun Raghavandocs: Add notes on transcoding
2010-07-22 Parthasarathi... print topology instead of just the stream info
2010-07-22 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix typo in bitrate field
2010-07-20 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix typos in AVC_MP4_BL_L3* profiles
2010-07-20 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix framerate in MPEG4_P2_MP4_SP_VGA_AAC profile
2010-07-20 Arun Raghavanxml: Add bitrate constraint for AVC_MP4_L3L_SD_AAC
2010-07-20 Arun Raghavandocs: Fix some warnings
2010-07-20 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Replace redundant calls with macros
2010-07-20 Arun Raghavanxml: Use bitrate instead of maximum-bitrate
2010-07-19 Arun Raghavanxml: Include common.xml in mpeg-ts.xml
2010-07-15 Arun RaghavanRelease 0.2.1 gupnp-dlna-0.2.1
2010-07-15 Arun Raghavanbuild: Correct gst-plugins-base dependency
2010-07-08 Arun Raghavanbuild: Update gstreamer dependency
2010-07-07 Arun RaghavanRelease 0.2 gupnp-dlna-0.2 gupnp-dlna-0.2.0
2010-07-07 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Remove debug print
2010-07-07 Arun Raghavangst-convenience: Rebase in-tree version
2010-07-05 Arun Raghavanxml: Don't require empty name/mime for profiles
2010-07-05 Arun Raghavanxml: Add AVC_MP4_BL_CIF15_AAC profile support
2010-07-05 Arun Raghavanxml: Add the AVC_MP4_BL_L3(L)_SD_AAC profiles
2010-07-05 Parthasarathi... tools: Add utility for printing discovered info
2010-07-02 Arun Raghavandoc: Add a TODO
2010-06-30 Arun Raghavanxml: Use bitrate in constraints for AVC*
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: only free format caps if present
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Detect duplicates in <include>
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix MPEG_TS_*_NA profile names
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanxml: Add more common SD resolutions to common.xml
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix typo in AVC_BL profile
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanxml: Fix MP4 container usage
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Fix crash on invalid parent
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Fix copy-paste-o in property init
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavantests: Add a transcoding exmple
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanprofiles: API to get encoding profile from name
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanxml: Support ID3 in MP3 profiles gupnp-dlna-0.1 gupnp-dlna-0.1.0
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanbuild: Get rid of gst-convenience warning
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavantests: Move XML test cases
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavandoc: Build documentation using gtk-doc
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Update GUPnPDLNADiscoverer documentation
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Document GUPnPDLNAInformation
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Don't install gupnp-dlna-load.h
2010-06-24 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Return const pointers from get functions
2010-06-21 Arun Raghavanxml: Use 3GPP container correctly
2010-06-20 Arun RaghavanInitial commit
2010-06-20 Arun Raghavanmisc: Add .gitignore