2011-03-09 Zeeshan Ali... Relax some video restrictions for MPEG TS
2011-03-04 Zeeshan Ali... Add 'MPEG_TS_SD_EU_ISO' profile
2011-02-24 Parthasarathi... Fix return types for getter functions
2011-02-24 Parthasarathi... Add header guard to gupnp-dlna-profile-private.h
2011-02-23 Parthasarathi... Rename gupnp-dlna-load.[hc] to profile-loading.[hc]
2011-02-15 Parthasarathi... Remove misleading 'Priv' suffix
2011-02-15 Parthasarathi... Fix indentation.
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... No doc for gupnp_dlna_profile_new()
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... Hilight test failure
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... Refactor gupnp_dlna_profile_get_encoding_profile
2011-02-08 Zeeshan Ali... Remove redundant initializations
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... Free caps in GUPnPDLNAProfilePriv
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... More gtk-doc cleanups
2011-02-08 Zeeshan Ali... Check for empty caps after merge
2011-02-08 Zeeshan Ali... Use container caps when inheriting from base profile
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... Fix profile parsing logic for images
2011-02-08 Parthasarathi... Remove format I420 field from XML
2011-02-03 Luis de BethencourtAdded documentation to test-discoverer
2011-02-03 Luis de BethencourtGet rid of nasty warnings when building docs
2011-02-03 Luis de BethencourtOnly initialize thread system once
2011-02-02 Luis de BethencourtClear the ChangeLog file 3
2011-01-31 Luis de Bethencourtlibgupnp-dlna/gupnp-dlna-load.c: removing unused variable.
2011-01-21 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.5.1 gupnp-dlna-0.5.1
2011-01-21 Zeeshan Ali... build: Require pbutils >= 0.10.32
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: Drop internalize gst-convenience
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: Add encoding_profile prop to GUPnPDLNAPr...
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: Use encoding-profile from plugins-base
2011-01-18 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: discover_uri_* don't take ownership...
2011-01-11 Arun Raghavanbuild: Explicitly link pbutils
2011-01-07 Parthasarathi... doc: fix typo in NEWS gupnp-dlna-0.5.0
2011-01-07 Parthasarathi... doc: Update NEWS for 0.5.0
2011-01-07 Parthasarathi... build: Bump version to 0.5.0
2011-01-07 Parthasarathi... build: bump so version to 2 (GUPNP_DLNA_CURRENT)
2011-01-07 Zeeshan Ali... build: Bump pbutils dep to 0.10.31
2011-01-05 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: fix coding style issues
2010-12-09 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: use g_new0 instead of g_new
2010-12-06 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: bug fix in gupnp-dlna-load.c
2010-11-30 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Coding style fixes
2010-11-24 Arun Raghavantests: Add libxml cflags/libs for compilation
2010-11-09 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Plug a leak at XML load time
2010-11-09 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: changes in function signatures.
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi... build: bump so version to 1 (GUPNP_DLNA_CURRENT)
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi... gst-convenience: Remove gstreamer-discoverer-gupnp...
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi... gst-convenience: remove the internal copy of discoverer...
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi... build: Fix the issue with make distcheck by removing...
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi... doc: remove dependence on the internal copy of discoverer
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna/tools: use GstDiscoverer from base
2010-10-25 Arun Raghavantests: Add libxml header to dlna-profile-parser
2010-10-25 Arun Raghavantools: Include stdio.h in gupnp-dlna-info.c
2010-10-14 Arun Raghavandoc: Update NEWS for 0.4.2 gupnp-dlna-0.4.2
2010-10-14 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump version to 0.4.2
2010-10-14 Arun Raghavantests: Skip tests if media is missing
2010-10-14 Arun Raghavangst-convenience: Undo discoverer namespace changes
2010-10-12 Arun Raghavandoc: Update NEWS for 0.4.1 gupnp-dlna-0.4.1
2010-10-06 Arun Raghavangst-convenience: Change GstDiscoverer namespace
2010-10-06 Arun Raghavanbuild: Fix directory permissions during 'make install'
2010-10-06 Arun Raghavanbuild: Post-release version bump to 0.4.1
2010-10-03 Parthasarathi... tests: remove dependency on pbutils and build dlna...
2010-09-27 Arun RaghavanNEWS: Update list of contributors to the release gupnp-dlna-0.4.0
2010-09-27 Arun Raghavandoc: Update NEWS about linking against pbutils
2010-09-27 Arun Raghavantests: Don't build dlna-encoding temporarily
2010-09-27 Arun Raghavantools: Don't depend on pbutils
2010-09-24 Arun Raghavandoc: Update NEWS for 0.4.0
2010-09-24 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump version to 0.4.0
2010-09-24 Arun Raghavanbuild: Add library versioning
2010-09-24 Arun Raghavantests: Allow the test harness to run out-of-tree
2010-08-31 Arun Raghavandoc: Update NEWS for 0.3.1 gupnp-dlna-0.3.1
2010-08-31 Zeeshan Ali... xml: Add JPEG icon profiles
2010-08-31 Zeeshan Ali... xml: Add PNG icon profiles
2010-08-31 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Fix PNG support
2010-08-26 Arun Raghavandoc: Missed adding Zeeshan to credits earlier
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump version to 0.3.1
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavantools: Relaxed mode support for gupnp-dlna-ls-profiles
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Add support for extended profiles
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Ignore PAR in relaxed mode for AVC*
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax AVC_MP4_MP_HD_1080i_AAC profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax AVC_MP4_MP_HD_720p_AAC profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax AVC_MP4_MP* profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax AVC_MP4_BL_L3* profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax AVC_MP4_BL_CIF15_* profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax MPEG1 profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanxml: Relax AAC profile restrictions
2010-08-25 Parthasarathi... tools: add arguments to gupnp-dlna-info
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Fix relaxed-mode <field> processing
2010-08-25 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: Add relaxed mode support
2010-08-24 Arun Raghavanlicense: Change to the LGPL v2.1
2010-08-18 Arun Raghavanbuild: Clean up library deps for tools and tests
2010-08-18 Arun Raghavanbuild: Fix pkgconfig files
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Don't free the profiles list gupnp-dlna-0.3 gupnp-dlna-0.3.0
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add 'extended' mode property
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add getters for properties
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Remove unused variable
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavandocs: Update NEWS
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump to version 0.3.0
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Don't depend on gcc-specific attributes
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanbuild: Bump version to 0.2.2
2010-08-16 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Add some debug output
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add 'extended' mode property
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi... libgupnp-dlna: add 'relaxed' and 'extended' mode properties
2010-08-14 Arun Raghavandocs: Add GUPnPDLNAProfile generated docs