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[gupnp:gupnp-dlna.git] / tools /
2011-02-03 Luis de BethencourtOnly initialize thread system once
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna: Drop internalize gst-convenience
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna: Use encoding-profile from plugins-base
2011-01-11 Arun Raghavanbuild: Explicitly link pbutils
2010-11-08 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna/tools: use GstDiscoverer from base
2010-10-25 Arun Raghavantools: Include stdio.h in gupnp-dlna-info.c
2010-09-27 Arun Raghavantools: Don't depend on pbutils
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavantools: Relaxed mode support for gupnp-dlna-ls-profiles
2010-08-25 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Add support for extended profiles
2010-08-25 Parthasarathi Susarlatools: add arguments to gupnp-dlna-info
2010-08-24 Arun Raghavanlicense: Change to the LGPL v2.1
2010-08-18 Arun Raghavanbuild: Clean up library deps for tools and tests
2010-08-16 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna: add getters for properties
2010-08-14 Parthasarathi Susarlatools: Add a tool to list supported profiles
2010-07-22 Parthasarathi Susarlaprint topology instead of just the stream info
2010-07-05 Parthasarathi Susarlatools: Add utility for printing discovered info