Rename gupnp-dlna-load.[hc] to profile-loading.[hc]
[gupnp:gupnp-dlna.git] / tests / dlna-profile-parser.c
2011-02-23 Parthasarathi SusarlaRename gupnp-dlna-load.[hc] to profile-loading.[hc]
2011-02-15 Parthasarathi SusarlaRemove misleading 'Priv' suffix
2011-02-03 Luis de BethencourtOnly initialize thread system once
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna: Drop internalize gst-convenience
2011-01-21 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna: Use encoding-profile from plugins-base
2010-10-25 Arun Raghavantests: Add libxml header to dlna-profile-parser
2010-08-25 Parthasarathi Susarlalibgupnp-dlna: Add relaxed mode support
2010-08-24 Arun Raghavanlicense: Change to the LGPL v2.1
2010-08-12 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Make GUPnPDLNAProfile opaque
2010-06-29 Arun Raghavanlibgupnp-dlna: Detect duplicates in <include>
2010-06-20 Arun RaghavanInitial commit