last changeMon, 26 Jan 2015 22:45:27 +0000 (23:45 +0100)
2015-01-26 Ludovic Courtèsdoc: Expound a bit on 'guix lint'. master
2015-01-26 Ludovic Courtèsservices: xorg: Define the <session-type> record type.
2015-01-26 Ludovic Courtèssubstitute-binary: Let the user know when the cache...
2015-01-26 Ludovic Courtèshash: Initialize libgcrypt before use.
2015-01-26 Ludovic CourtèsAdd (guix gcrypt).
2015-01-26 Mark H Weavergnu: Add gobject-introspection patches to
2015-01-26 Mark H WeaverMerge branch 'wip-gobject-introspection'
2015-01-25 Ludovic Courtèsguix lint: Make the 'source' checker happy if at least...
2015-01-25 Ludovic Courtèsservices: dbus: Set the search path for .service files.
2015-01-25 Ludovic Courtèsgnu: Raise an error when a bootstrap binary is not...
2015-01-25 Andreas EngeRevert "gnu: netpbm: Update to 10.69.04."
2015-01-25 Andreas EngeRevert "gnu: netpbm: Correct hash."
2015-01-25 Andreas Engegnu: netpbm: Correct hash.
2015-01-25 Andreas Engegnu: Add python-pyqt.
2015-01-25 Andreas Engegnu: Add python-sip.
2015-01-25 Cyril Roelandtlint: add 'source' checker.
5 years ago v0.2 GNU Guix 0.2.
5 years ago v0.1 GNU Guix 0.1.
6 years ago v0.0 Guix 0.0, initial announcement.
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