records: Add `recutils->alist' for public consumption.
[guix:guix.git] / tests /
2013-07-10 Ludovic Courtèsrecords: Add `recutils->alist' for public consumption.
2013-07-09 Ludovic Courtèstests: Fix in the presence of multiple...
2013-07-09 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'core-updates'
2013-07-08 Ludovic Courtèstests: Adjust `package-field-location' test for Guile...
2013-07-02 Ludovic Courtèshash: Add `open-sha256-port'.
2013-07-01 Ludovic CourtèsMove `sha256' to (guix hash).
2013-06-20 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into core-updates
2013-06-13 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Add `requisites'.
2013-05-29 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Test the `fallback?' store option.
2013-05-27 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Raise an error condition a cross builder...
2013-05-24 Ludovic Courtèsbuild-system/trivial: Implement the cross-build protocol.
2013-05-24 Ludovic Courtèsbuild: Add `--target' option.
2013-05-24 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Implement `package-cross-derivation'.
2013-05-20 Ludovic CourtèsAdd `--max-silent-time' to `guix build' and `guix package'.
2013-05-15 Ludovic Courtèssubstitute-binary: Pass `filtered-port' an unbuffered...
2013-05-12 Ludovic CourtèsMove record utilities to (guix records).
2013-05-11 Ludovic Courtèstests: Fix out-of-source builds.
2013-05-11 Ludovic Courtèstests: Add `guix hash' test.
2013-05-10 Ludovic Courtèspackage: Store the output path of packages installed...
2013-04-30 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'core-updates'
2013-04-29 Ludovic Courtèssubstitute-binary: Support decompression from non-file...
2013-04-28 Ludovic Courtèsguix package: Add `--search-paths' & co.
2013-04-28 Ludovic Courtèsutils: Add `string-tokenize*'.
2013-04-26 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into core-updates
2013-04-24 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Use `read' and source properties for `package...
2013-04-22 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Add `package-field-location'.
2013-04-18 Nikita Karetnikovtests: Use a new synopsis of GNU Hello.
2013-04-16 Ludovic Courtèsscripts: Report what will be substituted.
2013-04-15 Ludovic Courtèssubstitute-binary: Add a local cache.
2013-04-14 Ludovic Courtèsutils: Add `fold2'.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèssubstitute-binary: Implement `--substitute'.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèsnar: Add support for symlinks.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèsnar: Implement restoration from Nar.
2013-04-12 Ludovic CourtèsAdd preliminary binary substituter.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Add `store-path-hash-part'.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèstests: Remove temporary directory created by nar.scm.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèssubstitute-binary: Implement `--substitute'.
2013-04-12 Ludovic Courtèsnar: Add support for symlinks.
2013-04-11 Ludovic Courtèstests: Adjust `gnu-build' test to search path mechanism.
2013-04-08 Ludovic Courtèsnar: Implement restoration from Nar.
2013-04-04 Andreas EngeMerge branch 'xorg' into core-updates
2013-04-03 Ludovic CourtèsAdd preliminary binary substituter.
2013-04-01 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Add `store-path-hash-part'.
2013-03-30 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Add `native-search-paths' field and honor it.
2013-03-29 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into core-updates
2013-03-06 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Remove the default value for `license'.
2013-03-04 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into core-updates
2013-03-01 Ludovic Courtèsguix package: Add `--install-from-expression'.
2013-02-27 Ludovic Courtèsguix gc: Add `--references' and `--referrers'.
2013-02-27 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Add queries for references & co.
2013-02-27 Mark H WeaverReplace individual scripts with master 'guix' script.
2013-02-27 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Add `package-output'.
2013-02-17 Mark H WeaverReplace individual scripts with master 'guix' script.
2013-02-16 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Add `package-output'.
2013-02-06 Ludovic Courtèsunion: Delete duplicates when passed the same input...
2013-02-06 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Test installation of packages by name.
2013-02-04 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Add substitute-related procedures.
2013-02-04 Ludovic Courtèstests: Fix thinko in `derivation' test.
2013-02-01 Ludovic CourtèsAugment `.dir-locals.el'.
2013-02-01 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Report `--search' matches in recutils...
2013-02-01 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Gracefully report non-existing outputs.
2013-01-30 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Remove the `fixed?' parameter from `add-to-store'.
2013-01-28 Nikita Karetnikovguix-package: Add '--search'.
2013-01-27 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Always use the next number for new genera...
2013-01-27 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: When rolling back to nothingness, point...
2013-01-24 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Mark the `inputs' field of <package> as thunked.
2013-01-24 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Error out when passed a non-option argument.
2013-01-23 Ludovic Courtèsdefine-record-type*: Add the `thunked' field definition...
2013-01-22 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Fix `--roll-back' when `--profile' is...
2013-01-22 Ludovic Courtèsguix-build: Allow version-qualified package names.
2013-01-20 Ludovic Courtèspackages: Have `package-derivation' return a <derivatio...
2013-01-18 Ludovic Courtèsdistro: Rename (distro) to (gnu packages).
2013-01-18 Ludovic Courtèsdistro: Change the module name space to (gnu ...).
2013-01-17 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Allow `--roll-back' to skip missing gener...
2013-01-17 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Add `--roll-back'.
2013-01-14 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Create or diagnose missing profile directory.
2013-01-14 Ludovic Courtèstests: Use "binutils:lib" as the `guix-package' example.
2013-01-11 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'core-updates'
2013-01-09 Ludovic Courtèsunion: Detect collisions, and delete duplicate leaves.
2013-01-09 Ludovic Courtèsderivations: Fix `derivation-prerequisites-to-build...
2013-01-07 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Remove `-b' shorthand for `--bootstrap'.
2013-01-07 Ludovic Courtèssnix: Update `license' check in unit test.
2013-01-06 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into core-updates
2013-01-05 Ludovic CourtèsUpdate license headers.
2013-01-05 Ludovic CourtèsAdd `guix-gc'.
2013-01-05 Ludovic Courtèsderivations: Add `derivation-path->output-paths'.
2013-01-02 Ludovic Courtèstests: Adjust to not rely on /bin/sh.
2012-12-13 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'nix-integration'
2012-12-13 Ludovic Courtèstests: Skip network-dependent tests when the network...
2012-12-12 Ludovic Courtèstests: base32: Work around `system*' bug.
2012-12-11 Ludovic Courtèstests: Remove `t-profile' files on exit.
2012-12-11 Ludovic Courtèsguix-package: Gracefully handle multiple installs of...
2012-12-09 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into nix-integration
2012-12-09 Ludovic Courtèsstore: Add GC-related operations.
2012-12-05 Ludovic Courtèsbuild: Update skip count in `tests/derivations.scm'.
2012-12-05 Ludovic Courtèsbuild: Run all the tests against the just-built daemon.
2012-12-05 Ludovic Courtèstests: Remove hard-coded /nix/store.
2012-12-05 Ludovic Courtèsdaemon: Add `list-runtime-roots' script.
2012-12-04 Ludovic Courtèsdaemon: Add test.
2012-12-04 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' into nix-integration