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last changeMon, 9 Feb 2015 22:44:32 +0000 (17:44 -0500)
2015-02-09 David ThompsonI'm dumb. master
2015-02-09 David ThompsonUpdate environment.
2015-02-09 David Thompsonjs: Overhaul UI with FRP!
2015-02-08 David Thompsonjs: packages: Filter list oninput rather than onchange.
2015-02-01 David ThompsonMove all modules into the 'guix web' namespace.
2015-02-01 David ThompsonMake guix-web a subcommand of guix.
2015-01-31 David ThompsonRender package details on the client.
2015-01-31 David ThompsonUse JavaScript naming conventions for package JSON...
2015-01-31 David ThompsonMake /package a JSON only route.
2015-01-30 David Thompsonjs: layout: Update copyright year in footer.
2015-01-30 David Thompsonjs: Fix package sorting.
2015-01-30 David Thompsonjs: Fix display when there are 0 search results
2015-01-30 David ThompsonAdd AUTHORS and THANKS files.
2015-01-30 David Thompsonjs: Factorize headerWithBadge function.
2015-01-30 David Thompsonjs: Extract modal creation function.
2015-01-30 David ThompsonAdd sxml module.
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