2014-02-13 Stefan Israelsson... added missing import in USAGE master
2013-05-07 Chaos Eternalmerge run-extras.scm to syntax.scm, solve loop dependence
2013-05-07 Chaos Eternaladd example for run/collecting
2013-05-07 Chaos Eternalpossible loop dependence, remove :use-module (scsh...
2013-05-07 Chaos Eternalnew version from, GPLed
2013-05-06 Chaos Eternaladd INSTALL file
2013-05-06 Chaos Eternaladd install.scm
2013-05-06 Chaos Eternaladd dependences on guile-2.x
2013-05-01 Chaos EternalAdded package definition file
2013-04-19 Chaos Eternaladd cheat sheet in documents
2013-04-19 Chaos Eternaltest README
2013-04-19 Chaos Eternaltest suite
2013-04-19 Chaos Eternalremove un-necessary definition of call/cc
2013-04-19 Chaos Eternalremove escapes
2013-03-29 Chaos Eternalstrip \\
2013-03-29 Chaos Eternaladd support for here-strings
2013-03-29 Chaos Eternalrun/collecting usable.
2013-03-06 Chaos Eternalrefined USAGE
2013-03-06 Chaos Eternalchanged tempfile name generation, using random numbers.
2013-03-06 Chaos Eternalexport call/temp-file
2013-02-24 Chaos Eternalfixed a bug of cd.
2013-02-21 Chaos Eternaladded syntax cd
2013-02-21 Chaos Eternalglob.scm: transform glob from procedure to macro
2013-02-19 Chaos Eternaladd TODO file.
2013-02-19 Chaos Eternalrewrited glob->regexp
2013-02-19 Chaos Eternalcode clean ups, and renames
2013-02-19 Chaos Eternaldirty modification of glob.scm
2013-01-21 Chaos Eternalimprove USAGE
2013-01-21 Chaos Eternalforce child process to quit on errors.
2013-01-15 Chaos Eternaladd guile-scsh.scm, the shell program
2013-01-15 Chaos Eternalrename fluids in fluid.scm to avoid naming conflict
2013-01-15 Chaos EternalMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-15 Chaos Eternaltest case (run (ls) (>> "abcd"))
2013-01-15 Chaos Eternaltest case: (run (ls) (>> "abcd"))
2013-01-14 Stefan Israelsson... in scsh-condition.scm
2013-01-14 Stefan Israelsson... in scsh.scm
2013-01-14 Stefan Israelsson... in fdports.scm
2013-01-14 Stefan Israelsson... in
2013-01-14 Chaos Eternaltest case: (run/string (ls))
2013-01-14 Chaos Eternalfdports: add module use of scsh
2012-11-10 Stefan Israelsson... Restructuring in order to be reasonable easy to use
2010-11-29 Stefan Israelsson... initial commit