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2014-11-09 Andy WingoFix bug with prettified punctuation and subword splitting master
2014-11-09 Andy WingoRefactor to prettify-punctuation
2014-11-09 Andy WingoUpdate documentation
2014-11-09 Andy Wingo@code{foo?} not seen as terminating sentence
2014-11-09 Andy WingoSupport for absolute positioning
2014-11-09 Andy WingoRemove header-height param and header post rule
2014-11-09 Andy WingoAdd ability for documents to add to the stylesheet.
2014-11-09 Andy WingoAdd text-scaling parameter
2014-11-09 Andy WingoAdd indent-width param
2014-11-09 Andy WingoAllow document to specify slide height and width
2014-11-05 Andy WingoJPEG support
2014-09-22 Andy WingoUpdate CSS for make-html.scm
2014-09-22 Andy WingoFix HTML documentation generation.
2014-09-22 Andy WingoUpdate README, etc v0.3.0
2014-09-22 Andy WingoDistribute the examples
2014-09-22 Andy WingoFix @result{} if the body font has no appropriate symbol
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