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last changeSun, 4 Aug 2013 22:09:38 +0000 (00:09 +0200)
2013-08-04 David GaarenstroomMove single rule parsing code into separate function... master
2013-07-19 David GaarenstroomVarious code refactoring and improve code readability
2013-02-18 David GaarenstroomAllow multiple seperators (,; )
2013-01-27 David Gaarenstroom- Fix compare for bseach function, and use stringlength...
2012-12-31 David GaarenstroomNo longer modify the seccomp filter argv
2012-12-14 David GaarenstroomTypo's
2012-12-03 David Gaarenstroom- Only check argv[1] if argc > 1 (bugfix)
2012-11-30 David GaarenstroomAdd policy argument support (errno number for errno...
2012-11-12 David GaarenstroomAdd (preliminary) ARM support
2012-09-19 David GaarenstroomAdd warning that --allow-np only works whe running...
2012-09-18 David GaarenstroomFix execvp call when --allow-np is used
2012-09-17 David GaarenstroomAdd a README
2012-09-16 David GaarenstroomTweak Makefile settings
2012-09-16 David GaarenstroomAdd option to exclude setting "NO_NEW_PRIVS" along...
2012-09-08 David GaarenstroomAdd usage
2012-09-07 David GaarenstroomCleanup
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