2014-08-17 phantomjinxReplacement of all remaining GtkTables with GtkGrid master
2014-08-17 phantomjinx#324 - Fixes the setting display of the repository...
2014-08-10 phantomjinxReplaces deprecated GtkTable with GtkGrid
2014-05-08 phantomjinxUpdates the INSTALL instructions for fedora 19
2014-05-08 phantomjinxAdd back in previously removed handling of deprecation...
2014-05-08 phantomjinxIgnore kdevelop-related project files
2014-05-08 phantomjinxUpgrades sjcd plugin to latest sound juicer codebase
2014-05-08 Dominique LeuenbergerPort to GStreamer 1.0
2014-05-08 phantomjinxUpdate version script to 2.1.5
2013-09-04 phantomjinxUpdates NEWS and Changelog gtkpod-2.1.4
2013-09-04 phantomjinxUpdate language files ready for final release 2.1.4
2013-08-29 phantomjinxFixes for support for anjuta 3.9.3+
2013-08-29 phantomjinxFixes segfault when clarity window is hidden
2013-08-28 phantomjinxChanges while testing against anjuta 3.9.1
2013-08-25 phantomjinxFixes for deprecation mistakes
2013-08-25 phantomjinxRevert incorrect commit of changes
2013-08-25 phantomjinxOnly initialise the g types if glib is 2.35 or less
2013-08-25 Daniele ForsiUpdate Italian translation
2013-08-25 Daniele ForsiRemove duplicated code
2013-08-24 phantomjinxUpdates NEWS and Changelog gtkpod-2.1.4-beta1
2013-08-24 phantomjinxUpdate language files ready for release 2.1.4
2013-08-24 phantomjinxBug #122 - Make edit playlist name function check for...
2013-08-24 phantomjinxTask #119 - Make smart playlist wizard check for duplic...
2013-08-09 phantomjinxRemoves mutex and cond deprecations
2013-06-20 phantomjinxMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/jn/ui.v2'
2013-06-20 phantomjinxMerge remote-tracking branch 'jn/cmdline'
2013-06-18 phantomjinxMedia player fixes
2013-06-16 phantomjinxRemove deprecations in clarity plugin up to clutter...
2013-06-16 phantomjinxFix gdk deprecations
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferuse g_option_* for gtkpod's own options, too
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferlibgtkpod/prefs: add --playcount option
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäfermain: translate "Error parsing options: %s\n"
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäfermain: add \n after "Error parsing options: %s"
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferplaylist_display: reduce duplicate code
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferplaylist_display: remove a comment about "SPL data"
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferplaylist_display: support dropping playlist into an...
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferdisplay_playlists: remove outdated debugging printfs
2013-06-03 Jonathan Neuschäferdisplay_playlists: balance parentheses in a comment
2013-06-01 Jonathan Neuschäferpo/de.po: untranslate --mountpoint
2013-04-27 phantomjinxFixes to cater for changing API in anjuta version 3...
2013-04-26 phantomjinxFix to cater for changing API in anjuta version 3.6.2+
2013-03-01 Daniele ForsiFix showing tracks of selected artist on 64-bit systems
2013-03-01 Daniele ForsiRevert "Fix showing tracks of selected artist on 64...
2013-03-01 BennoFix showing tracks of selected artist on 64-bit systems
2013-03-01 Daniele ForsiFix possible crasher
2013-03-01 Daniele ForsiFix tabs
2013-01-26 phantomjinxPlaylist_display - prevent a double-free
2013-01-26 phantomjinxPrevent a crash in coverart display if a track has...
2013-01-26 phantomjinxHandle when the current playlist is NULL in track display
2013-01-06 phantomjinxUpdate version script to 2.1.4
2013-01-06 phantomjinxUpdates NEWS and Changelog gtkpod-2.1.3
2013-01-06 phantomjinxAvoid getting data from an invalid iter
2013-01-06 phantomjinxUpdates NEWS and Changelog gtkpod-2.1.3-beta1
2013-01-06 phantomjinxUpdate language files ready for release 2.1.3
2013-01-06 phantomjinxFix bug in track display sorting
2012-12-04 Daniele ForsiUpdate Italian translation
2012-11-12 Joel Smithmake MP4 generated chapter names translateable
2012-11-12 Joel SmithMP4 text tags are already UTF-8. Remove UTF-8 conversion.
2012-11-11 Joel Smithfix mp4 tag crash on tempo (BPM) values above 99
2012-11-11 Joel Smithfix compilation flag and media type tag for mp4 files
2012-11-11 Joel Smithadd mp4 chapter reading support to Atomic Parsley bridge
2012-11-11 Joel Smithadd track ID field to AtomicParseley library
2012-11-11 Joel Smithadd text track type to AtomicParseley library
2012-11-11 Joel Smithadd track sort fields read/write support to AP library
2012-11-10 phantomjinxMitigate possibility of sort tab category where track...
2012-10-23 phantomjinxSolve the confusing sorting of the track display
2012-10-23 phantomjinxReduce the number of selection changed callbacks
2012-10-13 phantomjinxFix to cater for changing API in anjuta version 3.5.3+
2012-10-06 phantomjinxUpdate of chinese translation
2012-10-06 phantomjinxFix for error caught by turning on error=format-security
2012-08-30 Daniele Forsitrivial: remove duplicated NULL check
2012-08-06 phantomjinxfix m4a track length value
2012-08-01 phantomjinxFix configure script to properly handle 'without' switches
2012-07-29 Jonathan NeuschäferINSTALL: fix indentation in the Optional Packages section
2012-07-14 Daniele ForsiSmall fix to Italian translation
2012-07-14 Daniele ForsiFix adding more sort tabs
2012-07-14 Daniele ForsiMake the string identical to the other ones
2012-07-14 Daniele ForsiFix setting the sort order with the Playlist Display...
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiUpdate Italian translation
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiMake more strings translatable
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiFix memleak
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiMake another string translatable
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiFix multiple icons appearing when toggling plugins...
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiFix segfault when using playcount spin buttons
2012-07-13 Daniele Forsigtkpod also manages photos on supported iPods
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiReplace g_warning() with g_message() since they are...
2012-07-13 Daniele ForsiRemove empty and unused item from list of date types
2012-07-12 Daniele ForsiOnly the box containing smart playlist rules need to...
2012-07-12 Daniele ForsiDo not accept empty names for smart playlists
2012-07-12 Daniele ForsiMake it easier for the user to retry entering a valid...
2012-07-12 Daniele ForsiDon't check twice if name is NULL
2012-07-12 Daniele ForsiFix setting default width of main window
2012-07-11 Daniele ForsiActually use the translation and change capitalization
2012-07-11 Daniele ForsiMake more strings translatable
2012-07-11 Daniele ForsiAdd missing newlines to a message string
2012-07-11 Daniele ForsiUse the spelling "Normalize" like in other strings
2012-07-09 phantomjinxFix an identified buffer overflow
2012-07-09 phantomjinxRegister all upper case version of filetype suffixes
2012-06-28 phantomjinxUpdate version script to 2.1.3
2012-06-17 phantomjinxUpdate Changelog gtkpod-2.1.2