2012-07-27 Samuel BAUERUpdated autotools to consider user CFLAGS, removed... master
2012-04-05 Samuel BAUERNew release with nothing really new (test on releasing) 2.0.1
2012-04-05 Samuel BAUERTag the release with git 2.0.0
2012-04-05 Samuel BAUERTest release and add category in desktop file
2012-04-05 Samuel BAUERCleaned function prototype
2012-04-04 Samuel BAUERApplied patch and add german translation from debian...
2012-04-04 Samuel BAUERAdded release info for gitorious
2012-04-04 Samuel BAUERDeleting old icons
2012-04-03 Samuel BAUERAdded gtk3 to autotools (fixed compile time issue)
2012-04-03 Samuel BAUERRemoving deprecated function (GTK3 compliant)
2012-04-03 Samuel BAUERImport project from gtkdiskfree-1.9.3.tar.gz