last changeThu, 20 Jan 2011 21:01:00 +0000 (13:01 -0800)
2011-01-20 David Schleefelement-maker: Fix handling of debug category master
2011-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertsflacparse: mind gst_buffer_unref not liking NULL
2011-01-18 Thiago Santosmxfdemux: Fix unitialized variable warning
2011-01-18 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-01-15 Thiago Santosaudioparsers: baseparse: Be careful to not lose the...
2011-01-14 Thiago Santostest: qtmux: Tests qtmux reuse
2011-01-14 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: set src pads when starting file
2011-01-14 Vincent Penquerc'hkate: ensure the kate pad does not shoot ahead of the...
2011-01-13 Luciana Fujii... camerabin: Enable conversion flags
2011-01-13 Tim-Philipp... dcaparse: fix sync word for 14-bit little endian coding
2011-01-13 Tim-Philipp... docs: minor baseparse docs/comment fixes
2011-01-13 Teemu Katajistocamerabin: set pad-negotiation-mode to active for outpu...
2011-01-12 Stefan Kostasfmux: use g_error_free instead of g_free
2011-01-12 Stefan Kostcamerabin2: use g_error_free instead of g_free
2011-01-12 Edward Herveyy4mdec: Default colorspace is I420
2011-01-11 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
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