last changeThu, 11 Mar 2010 23:50:23 +0000 (00:50 +0100)
2010-03-11 Guillaume EmontRemoved a trailing '1' afetr a #undef master
2010-03-11 Guillaume EmontNDKified android makefiles of gstdataprotocol and gstnet.
2010-03-11 Guillaume EmontNDKified android makefile of gstcontroller.
2010-03-11 Guillaume EmontNDKified android makefile of gstbase.
2010-03-10 Guillaume Emontgst/ switched from shared to static libraries
2010-03-10 Guillaume Emontgst/ Fixed include paths for glib (not in...
2010-03-06 Guillaume Emontgst/ remove lib prefixes for modules
2010-03-06 Guillaume EmontUse LOCAL_CFLAGS instead of LOCAL_C_INCLUDES in gst/
2009-03-20 Edward HerveyUse BUILD_PLUGIN_LIBRARY for plugins
2009-03-20 Edward HerveyFix build for gstreamer/tools/
2009-03-13 Edward HerveyCleanup makefiles. No longer requires to be in a subdir...
2009-03-12 Edward HerveyAdd auto-generated file. THIS IS BAD !!!!
2009-03-12 Prajnashi Sauto-generated headers and files
2009-03-12 Prajnashi SAdd Android makefiles
2009-01-19 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.22
2009-01-19 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
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