2011-12-21 Daniel Stonedix: Remove touch grabs if the grab disappears
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: hook up passive grabs and pointer emulated passive...
2011-12-21 Carlos GarnachoXi: assign correct grab_mode/other_device_mode in XI2...
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererXi: add the hooks for passive touch grabs
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererXi: handle grab accept/reject requests
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererXi: hook up touch ownership handling
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererXi: hook up pointer emulation for emulating touches
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: add touch to pointer event conversion helper
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: add real_event parameter to ActivatePassiveGrab
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererProcess and deliver touch events
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: set core and button state based on the touch state
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererXi: make UpdateDeviceState aware of touch events
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: add TouchResourceIsOwner helper function
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: add helper functions for adding/removing touch...
2011-12-21 Chase Douglasdix: add TouchGetPointerEventType helper function
2011-12-21 Daniel Stonedix: when a window disappears, remove it from the touch...
2011-12-21 Daniel Stonedix: add helper functions to build up/verify the sprite...
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: add touch event history helper functions
2011-12-21 Peter HuttererSupport XI 2.2 officially
2011-12-21 Daniel StoneXi: allow selecting for touch events
2011-12-21 Peter Huttererdix: handle DIX-submitted touch events
2011-12-20 Daniel Stonedix: generate touchpoints from driver-submitted data
2011-12-20 Daniel Stonedix: add GetTouchOwnership event API
2011-12-20 Peter Huttererdix: add DIX API to create touchpoints
2011-12-20 Peter Huttererdix: if we run out of space for new touch events, resiz...
2011-12-18 Peter Huttererdix: add helper functions to create DDX touch recs
2011-12-18 Peter Huttererxfree86: bump the input ABI for the touch changes
2011-12-18 Daniel Stoneinput: add a TouchClassRec to the devices
2011-12-18 Daniel StoneAdd the touch input API stubs
2011-12-18 Peter HuttererHook up the ownership events
2011-12-16 Peter HuttererXi: process raw touch events
2011-12-16 Peter HuttererHook up TouchBegin/Update/End events
2011-12-16 Peter Huttererinclude: add a bunch of flags for GetTouchEvent processing
2011-12-16 Peter Huttererinclude: RawTouchEnd is the last event now
2011-12-16 Peter Hutterertests: update for touch support
2011-12-16 Peter HuttererRequire inputproto
2011-12-16 Peter HuttererXi: add a FIXME
2011-12-16 Peter HuttererXi: split ProcessOtherEvent into ProcessDeviceEvent
2011-12-16 Peter Huttererdix: split positionSprite into scale_to_desktop and...
2011-12-15 Peter Huttererinclude: fix BUG_WARN_MSG for constant messages only
2011-12-14 Peter Huttererconfigure: split the required modules up
2011-12-13 Peter HuttererMerge branch 'for-whot' of git://people.freedesktop...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: add a MAXEVENTS define for the number of core...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: move event filter retrieval helpers to inpututils.c
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: switch EventIsDeliverable to take the event type...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: move storing last.valuators into a helper function
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: always allocate and set the grab's sync.event
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererinput: replace GRABTYPE_* with the InputLevel enums
2011-12-13 Peter HuttererAdd GrabIsPointerGrab and GrabIsKeyboardGrab helpers
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: move delivery stop condition out of event mask
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: split out core state and event state setting into...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: move grab matching code into a helper function
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: split core grab interference check into helper...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: compare the grab type, not the tempGrab type
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: remove event type check
2011-12-13 Chase Douglasdix: Split ActivatePassiveGrab() from CheckPassiveGrab()
2011-12-13 Chase Douglasdix: Move grab check and activation logic to CheckPassi...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: move EventDeliveryState into a header file, we...
2011-12-13 Peter HuttererXi: split updating button count and state into helper...
2011-12-13 Peter HuttererXi: deduplicate button motion mask setting
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: deduplicate callers of DeliverDeviceEvents in...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: split grab event conversion and delivery into...
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: replace conversion errors with BUG_WARN_MSG
2011-12-13 Peter Huttererdix: deduplicate event delivery code
2011-12-13 Chase Douglasinclude: Add an InputLevel enum
2011-12-13 Alan Coopersmithverify_internal_event: preserve constness of data pointer
2011-12-13 Alan CoopersmithUse const cast in BitIsOn macro to avoid angering gcc
2011-12-13 Alan CoopersmithFix deconstifying cast warning in xi2_get_type
2011-12-13 Alan CoopersmithInclude client name if available in PrintDeviceGrabInfo
2011-12-10 Peter HuttererChange GetXI2/XI/CoreType to just take a type argument
2011-12-10 Peter Huttererinclude: add GetXI2MaskByte and GetXI2EventFilterMask...
2011-12-09 Alan CoopersmithChange disable_clientpointer return type to void
2011-12-09 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'whot/for-keith'
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererinclude: add BUG_WARN_MSG for custom error message...
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererxfree86: include xorg-config.h from xaalocal.h
2011-12-09 Peter HuttererXi: rename "state" to "corestate" in ProcessDeviceEvents
2011-12-09 Peter HuttererXi: check button mapping value _before_ assigning it
2011-12-09 Peter HuttererXi: skip superfluous cast
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererxfixes: don't dereference a NULL cursor
2011-12-09 Peter HuttererXi: when removing a device, reset ClientPointers where...
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererdix: use BUG_WARN for input mask size issues
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererxfree86: bump the input ABI
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererinput: swap the server over to use the XI2mask struct
2011-12-09 Peter HuttererAdd a new XI2Mask struct and a few helper functions.
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererdix: switch the dev->deviceGrab.activeGrab from GrabRec...
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererdix: allocate temporary grabs on the heap
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererdix: add CopyGrab() function
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererdix: add AllocGrab helper function
2011-12-09 Peter Huttererdix: switch the syncEvent queue to a struct list
2011-12-07 Gaetan Nadontest: update .gitignore with xfree86 and sort alphabeti...
2011-12-07 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'airlied/reviewed-fixes'
2011-12-07 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'alanc/master'
2011-12-07 Keith Packardhw/xfree86: fix segfault in config parser when config...
2011-12-06 Dave Airliekdrive: drop screen crossing code.
2011-12-06 Dave Airliehal: free tmp_val in one missing case
2011-12-06 Dave Airliexv: test correct number of requests. (v2)
2011-12-06 Dave Airliexaa: avoid possible freed pointer reuse in epilogue
2011-12-06 Dave AirlieXi: avoid overrun of callback array.
2011-12-06 Dave Airliexext: don't free uninitialised pointer when malloc...
2011-12-06 Adam Jacksonfbdevhw: iterate over all modes that match a mode....