2011-10-26 Dave Airlietest: fix two more failing FP3232 tests
2011-10-25 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'whot/for-keith'
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererkdrive: check for null memory, fix OOB
2011-10-25 Peter HuttererUse new FP1616/FP3232 conversion functions
2011-10-25 Peter Hutterertest: fix test with new double -> fp3232 conversion...
2011-10-25 Peter HuttererXi: send DeviceChangedEvents when the scroll valuators...
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererdix: accept a NULL master for CreateClassesChangedEvent
2011-10-25 Peter HuttererXi: ensure the deviceid for DeviceChangedEvents is...
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererdix: pass the flags into the CreateClassesChangedEvent
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererdix: drop unused argument from XISendDeviceChangedEvent
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererdix: add ScrollInfo to DeviceChangedEvents
2011-10-25 Andreas Wettsteinxkb: Support noLock and noUnlock flags for LockMods
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererxfree86 doc: replace driver "keyboard" with "kbd"
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererxfree86: use NewInputDeviceRequest for xorg.conf device...
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererdix: move #if statement to stop compiler warning
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererxfree86: Fix a comment, the old function doesn't exist...
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererxfree86: use xf86AddNewOption instead of xf86addNewOption
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererinput: switch InputOption to use XF86OptionRec storage.
2011-10-25 Peter Huttererkdrive: switch to new InputOption API.
2011-10-25 Christopher... Bug 38420: Xvfb crashes in miInitVisuals() when started...
2011-10-25 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'jeremyhu/master'
2011-10-25 Dave Airliexf86Crtc: handle no outputs with no modes harder.
2011-10-24 Jeremy HuddlestonXQuartz: Fix the filename of our log file
2011-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonXQuartz: appledri: Allow byte swapped requests
2011-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonXQuartz: appledri: Fix byte swapping in replies
2011-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonXQuartz: appledri: Set the correct reply length for...
2011-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonXQuartz: appledri: Change whitespace in appledristr...
2011-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonXnest: Match the host's keymap
2011-10-21 Jeremy Huddlestontest: Add unit test for mieq
2011-10-21 Jeremy Huddlestonmieq: Reserve some space in EQ for release and other...
2011-10-21 Jeremy Huddlestonmieq: Provide better adaptability and diagnostics durin...
2011-10-21 Jeremy Add -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS
2011-10-21 Jeremy Huddlestontest: Silence some debug lines from the input unit...
2011-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonXnest: Fix DestroyNotify handler
2011-10-20 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'aplattner/for-master'
2011-10-20 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'hramrach/pull'
2011-10-20 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'whot/for-keith'
2011-10-20 Ville Syrjalacomposite: Update borderClip in compAllocPixmap()
2011-10-20 Gaetan fix warning: tab character in unquoted...
2011-10-20 Gaetan fix 382: warning: missing `)' (got ...
2011-10-20 Jesse Barnescrtc: match full preferred modes if possible when choos...
2011-10-18 Chris Wilsonrender: export TriStrip and TriFan to the drivers
2011-10-18 Luc Verhaegenrandr: stop clients from deleting immutable output...
2011-10-18 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'herrb/master'
2011-10-18 Matthieu HerrbFix CVE-2011-4029: File permission change vulnerability.
2011-10-18 Matthieu HerrbFix CVE-2011-4028: File disclosure vulnerability.
2011-10-18 Michal SuchanekDo not uselessly reload modules in DuplicateModule
2011-10-18 Michal SuchanekUse UnloadModuleOrDriver for UnloadSubModule.
2011-10-18 Michal SuchanekUnload submodules.
2011-10-18 Michal SuchanekDocument -background none option
2011-10-17 Tomáš TrnkaFix drain_console unregistration
2011-10-17 Peter Huttererdix: mark motion events as emulated if we're scrolling...
2011-10-17 Peter Huttererdix: add valuator_mask_fetch_double()
2011-10-17 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'jeremyhu/master'
2011-10-17 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'whot/next'
2011-10-16 Jeremy HuddlestonBump ABI_VIDEODRV_VERSION to 12
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestonxfree86: Deprecate xf86MapVidMem and friends
2011-10-16 Jeremy Remove libpciaccess and pixman-1...
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestondarwin: configure: Force some irrelevant options to...
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestonxfree86: Link modules with -module
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestonxfree86: fbdevhw: Remove unused include of pciaccess.h
2011-10-16 Tiago Vignatticonfigure: wrap PCI code with macro and set it at build...
2011-10-16 Tiago Vignatticonfigure: make PCI configuration more sane
2011-10-16 Tiago Vignatticonfigure: change PCI function checking by a meaningful...
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestonxfree86: Work around issue where ar may be told to...
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestonxfree86: Add stubs for os-support to help adding new...
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonint10: Port internal users off xf86MapVidMem
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonpci: Remove xf86MapDomainMemory
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonint10: Use pciaccess rom fetch for !PC machines
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonpci: Deprecate the PCITAG type
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonxfree86: Remove unused bios_devmem.c
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonlinux: Remove ia64 domain I/O support code
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonlinux: Remove pre-2.6 PCI interface support
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonbus: remove some dead struct fields
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonlinux: Use pci_device_get_parent_bridge instead of...
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonpci: Port xf86MapLegacyIO to pciaccess
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonvgahw: Port to pciaccess IO space routines
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonvgahw: Don't default to standard (port space) access...
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonvgahw: Remove IO domain setup
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonint10: Port to pciaccess' legacy IO API
2011-10-16 Adam Jacksonxfree86: Move xf86GetClocks to vgahw
2011-10-16 Dave Airlietest: fix input test
2011-10-16 Jeremy Huddlestondix: add utility functions for double to/fro FP1616...
2011-10-12 Jeremy Huddlestonos: Remove Error()
2011-10-11 Jeremy HuddlestonXephyr: Remove socket and its lock file on exit
2011-10-11 Jeremy HuddlestonXnest: Remove socket and its lock file on exit
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: move MD last.valuator update into fill_pointer_events
2011-10-11 Peter Hutterermi: switch miPointerSetPosition to take doubles
2011-10-11 Peter Hutterermi: return the screen from miPointerSetPosition
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: drop screen argument from positionSprite
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: move screen- to device coordinate scaling to separ...
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: don't allow keyboard devices to submit motion...
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: moveRelative modifies parameter in-place, say so.
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: rename moveAbsolute to clipAbsolute
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: fix missing verb in comment
2011-10-11 Peter Huttererdix: document transformAbsolute
2011-10-10 Peter Huttererdix: copy the source ID into the RawEvent (#34240)
2011-10-10 Jeremy Huddlestonloader: when creating sdksyms.c only include shmint...
2011-10-10 Julien Cristauxfree86: fix build with xv disabled
2011-10-06 Ville SkyttäMan page syntax and spelling fixes.