omap: port to compat server API.
[gstreamer-omap:xf86-video-omap.git] / src / omap_driver.c
2012-06-16 Rob Clarkomap: port to compat server API.
2012-03-05 Rob ClarkMerge pull request #1 from vstehle/vincent/5432-sgx
2012-03-05 Vincent StehléAdd support for OMAP5430 and OMAP5432
2012-01-23 Rob Clarkadd XV support
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkshuffle things around for submodules..
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkadd HW cursor support using drm-plane
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkupdates to build with 1.12.0 RC 1 xserver
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkprobing support
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkfix issue initialization order vs damage
2011-10-14 Rob ClarkAdd tiled buffer support.
2011-09-16 Rob ClarkDRI2 support
2011-07-20 Rob Clarkinitial commit