last changeThu, 28 Jun 2012 09:55:38 +0000 (09:55 +0000)
2012-06-28 Alessandro... impeg4vdec.h: update header master
2012-06-28 Alessandro... Switch master to rpmsg.
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléDisplay codec version at create
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléRespond to sample ping
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléFix comments
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléSupport SMP
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléIgnore lib and baseimage
2012-06-26 Alessandro... Merge remote-tracking branch 'rob/rpmsg' into rpmsg
2012-06-10 Alessandro... libdce: fix refcounting in init/deinit
2012-06-10 Alessandro... Add XDM_MEMTYPE_BO_OFFSET
2012-06-10 Alessandro... Add dce_get_fd() to get the drm fd
2012-06-10 Vincent StehléUpdate firmware image
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: reports mem stats on codec create/delete instea...
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: create a BIOS startup function with dce_init()
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: removed un-needed references to sysbios-rpmsg...
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: split ti.dce into a lib and a separate baseimage
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