2012-05-15 Alessandro... libdce: fix refcounting in init/deinit rpmsg
2012-05-09 Alessandro... Add XDM_MEMTYPE_BO_OFFSET
2012-05-09 Alessandro... Add dce_get_fd() to get the drm fd
2012-02-03 Rob Clarkupdate firmware image
2012-02-03 Rob Clarkadd dynamic buffer relocation support
2012-02-02 Rob ClarkUpdate firmware image
2012-02-02 Rob ClarkMulti-OMAP support
2012-02-02 Rob ClarkWorkaround for bootup crash when AMMU is enabled
2012-02-02 Rob Clarkcleanup cfg file
2012-01-30 Rob ClarkFix potential crash at bootup
2012-01-29 Rob ClarkUpdate firmware image
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkadd connect message
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkremove test
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkducati: update for only core0 (sysm3) builds
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkbegin porting linux/client side
2011-10-18 Rob Clarkinitial setup of ducati build for dce-rpmsg
2011-10-09 Rob Clarkadd videnc2 header for encoders
2011-10-02 Rob Clarkupdate README
2011-10-02 Rob Clarktest: add "-1" arg to allocate 1D output buffers
2011-09-12 Alessandro... Fix IVC1VDEC_Status definition
2011-09-12 Alessandro... Update codec headers
2011-09-05 Alessandro... dce_app_m3.cfg: update heap sizes to match the new...
2011-09-05 Alessandro... ducatiplatform.xs: update to match the glp1.4 memory...
2011-09-05 Alessandro... dce_app_m3.cfg: update linker section mappings
2011-06-26 Rob Clarkducati: fix incorrect allocation of non-tiled requests
2011-06-26 Rob Clarktest: use base class params
2011-06-26 Rob Clarkfix pkg-config dependencies
2011-06-23 Rob Clarkupdate firmware
2011-06-23 Rob Clarkadd files to build ducati (m3) side firmware
2011-05-12 Rob Clarkremove ducati submodule
2011-01-09 Rob Clarkfix leak in heap used by codecs
2011-01-09 Rob Clarkadd ducati and IVAHD power management
2011-01-05 Rob Clarksome trace cleanups, and update HDVICP
2010-12-23 Rob Clarkupdate realvdec codec
2010-12-23 Rob Clarkadd missing Ipc_destroy() call at shutdown
2010-12-16 Rob Clarkupdates for latest h264dec
2010-12-11 Rob Clarkupdate h264dec, realvideo, mpeg4dec
2010-12-04 Rob Clarkadd mpeg2vdec
2010-11-30 Rob Clarkresource cleanup
2010-11-28 Rob Clarkfix crash in VIDDEC3_delete
2010-11-28 Rob Clarkfix typo
2010-11-28 Rob Clarkdo initialization/cleanup on Engine_open()/Engine_close()
2010-11-28 Rob ClarkAdding sysm3 image too
2010-11-28 Rob ClarkDisable debug traces by default
2010-11-28 Rob Clarkupdates for L24.11
2010-11-27 Rob Clarkadd more codecs
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkadd mpeg4dec codec
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkinitial commit