2011-12-21 Philip Withnall3.3.4 V_3_3_4
2011-12-21 Philip Withnalldocs: Fix builddir ≠ srcdir documentation builds
2011-12-21 Philip Withnalldocs: Add a missing XML include to the documentation
2011-12-21 Philip Withnallopensubtitles: Fix/Disable some pylint warnings
2011-12-21 Philip Withnallplugins: Disable pylint error F0401
2011-12-21 Philip Withnallplugins: Check for pylint at configure time if building...
2011-12-21 Philip Withnalliplayer: Disable some useless pylint warnings
2011-12-21 Philip Withnallbuild: Add generated Vala files to GITIGNOREFILES
2011-12-21 Philip Withnallzeitgeist-dp: Fix Peas.Activatable.object prototype
2011-12-21 Philip WithnallAdd some unused symbols to the documentation section...
2011-12-21 Philip WithnallFix uses of deprecated GLib threading API if we have...
2011-12-21 Philip WithnallRevert "build: Disable zeitgeist plugin"
2011-12-19 Bastien Nocera3.3.3 V_3_3_3
2011-12-19 Bastien Nocerabuild: Disable zeitgeist plugin
2011-12-19 Bastien Nocerabuild: We don't xmldocs.make and omf.make anymore
2011-12-19 Estêvão Samuel... totem-options: Should not free commands list data.
2011-12-16 Tim-Philipp... bacon-video-widget: fix get_metadata for BVW_INFO_COVER
2011-12-06 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Actually, just enable it
2011-12-06 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Build vegas plugin by default
2011-12-06 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Add non-working Vegas test
2011-12-05 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Use our own user-agent in Vegas
2011-12-05 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Don't handle swf with no source
2011-12-05 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Don't handle small SWF in vegas
2011-12-05 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Don't use percentage width
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Try to use the embed URI first
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Add new Vegas plugin
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Don't check for success when stopping...
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Create a command queue earlier
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Queue SetPlaylist calls
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Only delete copies we made
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Don't try to copy non-existant local...
2011-12-04 Bastien Noceramain: Fix warning when getting out of fullscreen
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Make error logo work again
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabackend: Fix warnings in the browser plugin
2011-12-04 Bastien Noceralib: Fix possibly broken behaviour
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Make --g-fatal-warnings work again
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Not an error
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Ensure not to share a gnome-terminal
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Quieter please
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Fix possible run-time warning
2011-12-04 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Remove obsolete in-tree running
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: White space fixes
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Don't make dbus-glib resident
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Remove unneeded helper library
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Port plugin to GDBus
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Require a newer GIO
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Fix white-space problem
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabuild: Bump release version
2011-12-03 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Remove unused declaration
2011-12-02 Philip Withnallbuild: Add generated Vala files to GITIGNOREFILES
2011-12-02 Philip Withnallbuild: Remove generated files from git
2011-12-02 Philip Withnallproperties: Port TotemPropertiesView from GtkTable...
2011-12-02 Yaakov SelkowitzFix build on Cygwin
2011-12-01 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove the obsolete Bemused plugin
2011-12-01 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove YouTube plugin
2011-12-01 Antoine JacoutotFix dlopening libdbus-glib-1 on OpenBSD.
2011-12-01 Bastien Nocerabuild: Require the released version of vala
2011-11-30 Henrique P... Fixed a string in Brazilian Portuguese translation
2011-11-26 Muhammet Kara[l10n]Updated Turkish translation
2011-11-24 Thura Hlaing[l10n]Added Brumese translation
2011-11-22 OKANO TakayoshiUpdated Japanese translation
2011-11-16 Alexander SaprykinUpdated Russian translation
2011-11-14 Misha ShnurapetUpdated Russian translation
2011-11-14 Bastien Nocerathumbnailer: Fix --time option
2011-11-12 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2011-11-09 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2011-11-06 Sjoerd Simonsiplayer: PopulateProgrammesThread wants a lock as the...
2011-11-06 Sjoerd Simonsiplayer: Use the right property name (which changed...
2011-11-06 Sjoerd Simonsiplayer: first set default values, then read in the...
2011-11-06 Sjoerd Simonsiplayer: Remove spurious whitespace added in regular...
2011-11-01 Praveen IllaUpdated Telugu Translation
2011-10-24 Philip Withnallbuild: Bump our Vala dependency to
2011-10-23 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2011-10-22 Philip Withnallplugins: Fix Vala plugins for valac 0.14.0
2011-10-19 Pavol Babincakdata: Added rtmp URI scheme
2011-10-17 Bastien Nocera3.2.1 V_3_2_1
2011-10-17 krishnababu kUpdated Telugu translations
2011-10-09 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2011-10-05 Bastien Nocerathumbnailer: Quiet when thumbnailing audio files
2011-10-05 Bastien Noceraproperties: Fix SIGFPE when framerate isn't available
2011-10-01 Pavol KlačanskýUpdated Slovak translation
2011-09-27 Fran DieguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-09-26 Carles Ferrando[l10n]Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
2011-09-26 Bastien Nocera3.2.0 V_3_2_0
2011-09-25 Cheng-Chia... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2011-09-25 OKANO TakayoshiUpdated Japanese translation
2011-09-24 Fran DieguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-09-24 Nilamdyuti... Updated Assamese Translations:bugzilla#659595
2011-09-23 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2011-09-23 A S Alamupdate Punjabi Translation
2011-09-23 Tommi VainikainenUpdated Finnish translation
2011-09-23 Fran DieguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-09-22 Nilamdyuti... Updated Assamese translation
2011-09-22 Changwoo RyuUpdated Korean translation
2011-09-21 Gianvito Cavasoli[1l0n] Updated Italian translation
2011-09-21 Theppitak Karoonboon... Updated Thai translation.
2011-09-20 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2011-09-20 Philip Withnallpythonconsole: Fix the GConf → GSettings conversion...
2011-09-20 Bastien Nocera3.1.92 V_3_1_92
2011-09-20 Gabor KelemenUpdated Hungarian translation