2011-08-03 Bastien Nocera3.1.4 V_3_1_4
2011-08-03 Simon Wennerplugins: add rotation plugin
2011-08-03 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2011-07-31 Pavol KlačanskýUpdated Slovak translation
2011-07-20 Friedel WolffAdd missing header comments
2011-07-20 Priscilla MahlanguNew translation for Zulu (zu)
2011-07-20 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2011-07-15 Marek ČernockýUpdated Czech translation
2011-07-15 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2011-07-14 Bastien Noceramain: Use symbolic icon for the exit fullscreen button
2011-07-14 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2011-07-13 Rudolfs MazursUpdated Latvian translation.
2011-07-13 Bastien Noceramain: Fix crash on exit through fullscreen object
2011-07-13 Simon Wennerbackend: name clutter actors so that plugins can query...
2011-07-13 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2011-07-12 Marcel van... Fix segfault in Bemused plugin
2011-07-12 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Update QuickTime docs link
2011-07-12 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Only shrink padding vertically
2011-07-12 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Flatten the buttons
2011-07-12 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Style the popup button as well
2011-07-11 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Parent the fullscreen window correctly
2011-07-11 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Remove useless "About" dialogue
2011-07-11 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Use symbolic icons, not stock ones
2011-07-11 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: Use dark theme by default
2011-07-11 Bastien Noceramain: Move is_fullscreen member to private
2011-07-11 Bastien Noceramain: We rely on being composited now. Always
2011-07-11 Bastien Noceramain: Remove unused buttons from struct
2011-07-10 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2011-07-09 Philip Withnallgrilo: Fix some variable shadowing warnings from gcc
2011-07-09 Ignacio Casal... Update to libpeas 1.1 deprecations
2011-07-08 Philip WithnallRevert "sample-vala: Remove an unnecessary Vala depende...
2011-07-08 Philip Withnallyoutube: Fix progress bar text in the YouTube plugin
2011-07-08 Philip Withnallscreenshot: Fix progress bar text in the gallery dialogue
2011-07-08 Philip Withnallopensubtitles: Fix display of text on the progress bar
2011-07-07 Muhammet Kara[l10n]Updated Turkish translation
2011-07-07 Abduxukur AbdurixitAdded UG translation
2011-07-06 Vincent Untzbuild: Fix detection of GDK backend in case of multiple...
2011-07-06 Bastien Noceragrilo: Remove use of deprecated function
2011-07-06 Bastien Noceragrilo: Install totem-grilo.conf in plugin dir
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldocs: Update the command line options listing in the...
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldocs: Remove a reference to TotemPlugin from totem...
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldocs: Update the plugin writing guide
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldocs: Add documentation strings to properties on GObjects
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldocs: Fix various minor problems with the API documentation
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldocs: Update lists of documented symbols
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalll10n: Fix some invalid XML caused by a typo in the...
2011-07-05 Philip Withnalldbusservice: Fix intltool warnings about mismatched...
2011-07-05 Philip Withnallopensubtitles: Don't glitchily sensitise the Apply...
2011-07-05 Philip Withnallopensubtitles: Don't arbitrarily show and hide the...
2011-07-05 Philip Withnallsample-vala: Remove an unnecessary Vala dependency...
2011-07-05 Bastien Noceragrilo: Update required grilo version
2011-07-05 Bastien Noceragrilo: Add YouTube API key
2011-07-04 Fran DieguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-07-03 Philip Withnallbuild: Fix smclient configuration when building against...
2011-07-02 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2011-07-02 Philip Withnallmain: Fix some compilation warnings
2011-07-02 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation
2011-07-01 Philip Withnallproperties: Don't call g_strdup_printf() on a placehold...
2011-07-01 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceradocs: Remove outdated definitions
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove jamendo plugin
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove tracker plugin
2011-07-01 Bastien Nocerabackend: Add missing doc
2011-07-01 Bastien Nocerapo: Add missing file
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceramain: Fix saving the last used sidebar
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceramain: Avoid warning when state.ini doesn't exist
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceragrilo: Cancel searches when switching source
2011-07-01 Bastien Nocerabackend: Better debugging when paused buffering
2011-07-01 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2011-06-30 Bastien Noceragrilo: Use the description column for search
2011-06-30 Bastien Noceragrilo: Add treeview header to Browse sidebar
2011-06-30 Bastien Noceragrilo: Avoid lingering horizontal scrollbars
2011-06-30 Bastien Nocerascreenshot: Remove unused variable
2011-06-30 Bastien Noceramain: Fix vbox/hbox deprecations
2011-06-30 Juan A. Suarez... plugins: add Grilo plugin
2011-06-30 Bastien Noceraproperties: Add context to time translations
2011-06-23 Christian Kirbach[l10n] Updated German translation
2011-06-22 Bastien Noceraplaylist: Force icons only toolbar style
2011-06-21 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2011-06-21 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-06-20 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2011-06-20 Gabor KelemenFix localization of the Nautilus file properties window...
2011-06-20 Philip Withnallyoutube: Add optional support for compiling against...
2011-06-20 Philip Withnallchapters: Minor GtkBox fixes in the chapters plugin
2011-06-20 Philip WithnallMinor GtkBox fixes in TotemTrackerWidget
2011-06-20 Philip WithnallMinor GtkBox fixes in bacon-video-widget-properties
2011-06-20 Bastien Noceramain: Fixing setting the playlist header title
2011-06-20 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2011-06-17 Bastien Noceramain: Fix for GtkVBox changes
2011-06-17 Bastien Noceramain: Add header to playlist
2011-06-17 Bastien Nocerapo: Add missing plugin file
2011-06-17 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove "Coherence" plugin
2011-06-12 Bastien Noceramain: Use gtk_tree_model_iter_previous()
2011-06-09 Bastien Noceramain: Make menu items for sidebars work
2011-06-09 Bastien Nocerachapters: Fix switching to the chapters sidebar
2011-06-09 Bastien Noceramain: Remove sidebar drop-down item
2011-06-09 Bastien Nocerasave-file: Add keyboard shortcut for "Save"
2011-06-07 Kjartan MaraasAdded Norwegian bokmål translation
2011-06-06 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-06-01 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation