2012-12-24 Luciana Fujii... totem-video-thumbnailer: Set lower ranks to ducati... 3.0.1+ti_GStreamer_1.0
2012-12-24 Thibault SaunierUse autovideo/audiosink
2012-12-24 Thibault SaunierPort to GStreamer 1.0
2011-04-26 Bastien Nocera3.0.1 V_3_0_1
2011-04-25 Takayuki KUSANOUpdated Japanese translation
2011-04-23 Davide Italianosave-file: wrong reference to a structure field
2011-04-23 Arash MousaviUpdated Persian translation
2011-04-14 Philip Withnallchapters: Permit invalid timestamp formats as previousl...
2011-04-14 Philip Withnallchapters: Warn about ignored chapters when parsing...
2011-04-14 Philip Withnallchapters: Fix output of timestamps from the chapters...
2011-04-14 Nguyễn Thái... Updated Vietnamese translation
2011-04-14 Nguyễn Thái... po/vi.po: import from Damned Lies
2011-04-13 Takayoshi OKANOUpdated Japanese translation
2011-04-08 Bastien Nocerathumbnailer: Fix wrong variable name
2011-04-07 Bastien Noceramain: Stop crash when XDG_CACHE_HOME is relative
2011-04-05 Jordi Serratosa[l10n]Fixes on Catalan translation
2011-04-05 Bastien Nocerathumbnailer: Fix gallery mode's last picture
2011-04-04 Kjartan MaraasAdd missing #include <config.h>
2011-04-04 Bastien Nocera3.0.0 V_3_0_0
2011-04-03 Wolfgang Stöggl[l10n] Updated German translation, umlauts fixed
2011-04-02 Friedel WolffNew translation for Afrikaans (af)
2011-04-01 Gintautas MiliauskasUpdated Lithuanian translation.
2011-04-01 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2011-04-01 Dr.T.VasudevanUpdated Tamil translation
2011-04-01 Dr.T.VasudevanUpdated Tamil translation
2011-04-01 Pavol KlačanskýUpdated Slovak translation of locations
2011-03-31 Amitakhya PhukanUpdated Assamese translations
2011-03-31 Miroslav NikolićUpdated Serbian translation
2011-03-30 Philip Withnalljamendo: Fix various tree model/view problems due to...
2011-03-30 Philip Withnalljamendo: Fix encoding problems with non-ASCII track...
2011-03-30 Philip Withnallopensubtitles: Parse the subtitle file as a URI rather...
2011-03-30 Philip Withnallopensubtitles: Fix the GDK key constants used
2011-03-30 Philip WithnallBug 646231 — Subtitle downloader plugin broken on 2...
2011-03-30 Bruce CowanUpdated British English translation
2011-03-30 Chao-Hsiung... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2011-03-29 Bastien Noceraproperties: Fix spacing and packing
2011-03-29 Kristjan SCHMIDTUpdated Esperanto translation
2011-03-28 Daniel KorostilUploaded Ukranian
2011-03-28 Daniel KorostilUploaded Ukranian
2011-03-28 Daniel KorostilUploaded Ukranian
2011-03-28 Bastien Nocera2.91.93 V_2_91_93
2011-03-27 Abduxukur AbdurixitAdded UG translation
2011-03-27 Nguyễn Thái... Updated Vietnamese translation
2011-03-27 Nguyễn Thái... po/vi.po: import from Damned Lies
2011-03-27 Philip Withnallpythonconsole: Fix key event handling
2011-03-27 Philip Withnallpythonconsole: Fix calls to Gtk.Action()
2011-03-27 Sebastian Pölsterlplugins: Fix python plugins' init of self.totem
2011-03-26 Flamarion JorgeUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2011-03-26 Ask H. LarsenUpdated Danish translation
2011-03-24 Wouter BolsterleeUpdated Dutch translation by Wouter Bolsterlee
2011-03-24 Thiago Branco... Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2011-03-23 Gianvito CavasoliUpdated Italian translation
2011-03-21 Bastien Nocera2.91.92 V_2_91_92
2011-03-20 Pavol KlačanskýUpdated Slovak translation
2011-03-20 DirgitaUpdated Indonesian translation
2011-03-19 Rudolfs MazursUpdated Latvian translation.
2011-03-19 Yuri MyasoedovUpdated Russian translation
2011-03-17 Cosimo Cecchiplaylist: set the 'inline-toolbar' style class to the...
2011-03-17 Bastien Nocerabuild: Require newer plparser for previous commit
2011-03-17 Bastien Noceramain: Don't poke at web servers for info
2011-03-17 Bastien Nocerabackend: Never use an empty User-Agent
2011-03-17 Bastien Nocerabrowser-plugin: More plugin info in tests/index.html
2011-03-17 Lucian Adrian... Updated Romanian translation
2011-03-17 Lucian Adrian... Updated Romanian translation
2011-03-16 Lucian Adrian... Updated Romanian translation
2011-03-16 Daniel ȘerbănescuUpdated Romanian translation
2011-03-15 Gil Forcada[l10n]Updated Catalan translation
2011-03-13 Mario Blättermann[l10n]Updated German translation
2011-03-13 Duarte LoretoUpdated Portuguese translation
2011-03-13 Duarte LoretoUpdated Portuguese translation
2011-03-13 Daniel ȘerbănescuUpdated Romanian translation
2011-03-13 Daniel ȘerbănescuUpdated Romanian translation
2011-03-11 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2011-03-11 Bastien Nocerabuild: Require Zeitgeist 0.3.6 to be license compliant
2011-03-11 Manoj Kumar... Updated Oriya Translation
2011-03-10 Khaled HosnyUpdated Arabic translation
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceraim-status: Don't be idle as soon as we enter fullscreen
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceraopen-location: Make dialogue modal and wider by default
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceralib: Don't unhibit with '0' as the cookie
2011-03-10 Bastien Nocerascreensaver: Fix memory leak
2011-03-10 Bastien Nocera2.91.91 V_2_91_91
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceramain: Notify when we unset an MRL
2011-03-10 Bastien Nocerascreensaver: Use "window" property
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceralib: Add "window" property for screensaver inhibitor
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceralib: Use gnome-session to Inhibit idle
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceralib: Remove support for old screensaver API
2011-03-10 Bastien Noceralib: Fix refcount when trying the old Inhibit method
2011-03-09 Philip WithnallFix assertions on entry to TotemScrsaver methods
2011-03-09 Asia SłowikUpdated Polish translation
2011-03-09 Luca FerrettiRemove Totem from launcher name translation, as per...
2011-03-08 Gabor KelemenUpdated Hungarian translation
2011-03-08 Dustin PolkeFix XML validation of translated help files
2011-03-07 Jakub SteinerUpdate icon for GNOME 3
2011-03-06 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2011-03-03 A S Alamupdate Punjabi Translation by A S Alam
2011-02-28 Ignacio Casal... Fix spacing in the preferences dialog.
2011-02-28 Rudolfs MazursUpdated Latvian translation.
2011-02-28 Tim-Philipp... bacon-video-widget: fix screenshotting of interlaced...
2011-02-27 Philip WithnallBug 642877 — Make sure all builtin plugins are in the...
2011-02-26 Simon WennerFix compilation of out-of-tree plugins