Updated Russian translation
[gstreamer-omap:totem.git] / .cvsignore
2005-03-20 Bastien Noceraupd set the proper defaults on the seekbar don't push...
2005-01-04 Gustavo J. A. M... Install totem-plparser library; Fixes #162741
2004-06-28 Bastien Noceraupd
2002-12-07 Christian NeumairUpdated src/totem.c, .cvsignore.
2002-10-19 Bastien Noceraupd remove the additional events on the popups, they...
2002-10-03 Bastien Noceraupd upd upd for 0.11 (soon)
2002-08-07 Bastien Nocera- playlist fixes (dropping files, and open dialog)
2002-07-31 Bastien Noceraadded s/details/_priv/, added "changed" and "current_re...