[gstreamer-omap:totem.git] / configure.in
2011-09-26 Bastien Nocera3.2.0 V_3_2_0
2011-09-20 Bastien Nocera3.1.92 V_3_1_92
2011-09-13 Philip Withnallbuild: Fix AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
2011-09-12 Bastien Nocera3.1.91 V_3_1_91
2011-09-12 Bastien Nocerapublish: Require a newer version of libepc
2011-09-05 Marvin Schmidtbuild: Require pygobject-3.0
2011-08-03 Bastien Nocera3.1.4 V_3_1_4
2011-08-03 Simon Wennerplugins: add rotation plugin
2011-07-09 Ignacio Casal Quin... Update to libpeas 1.1 deprecations
2011-07-06 Vincent Untzbuild: Fix detection of GDK backend in case of multiple...
2011-07-06 Bastien Noceragrilo: Install totem-grilo.conf in plugin dir
2011-07-05 Bastien Noceragrilo: Update required grilo version
2011-07-03 Philip Withnallbuild: Fix smclient configuration when building against...
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove jamendo plugin
2011-07-01 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove tracker plugin
2011-06-30 Juan A. Suarez Romeroplugins: add Grilo plugin
2011-06-20 Philip Withnallyoutube: Add optional support for compiling against...
2011-06-17 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove "Coherence" plugin
2011-05-11 Bastien Nocerabuild: Don't check for unused GStreamer elements
2011-05-10 Bastien Nocera3.1.0 V_3_1_0
2011-04-06 Bastien Nocerabuild: Bump clutter-gst reqs
2011-04-05 Bastien Nocerabuild: Update clutter-gst dependency
2011-04-05 Philip Withnallplugins: Rename sample-python to samplepython
2011-04-05 Philip Withnallplugins: Rename dbus-service to dbusservice
2011-04-04 Bastien Noceramedia-player-keys: Port to GDBus
2011-04-04 Bastien Noceraplugins: Fix building the media-player-keys plugin
2011-04-04 Bastien Nocerabuild: Remove some dead dbus-glib checks
2011-04-04 Bastien Noceraplugins: Remove thumbnail plugin
2011-04-04 Bastien Nocerabackend: Use helper functions for GStreamer
2011-04-04 Bastien Nocerabackend: Remove XVidMode support
2011-04-04 Bastien Nocerabackend: Use clutter-gst to draw video
2011-04-04 Bastien Nocera3.0.0 V_3_0_0
2011-03-28 Bastien Nocera2.91.93 V_2_91_93
2011-03-21 Bastien Nocera2.91.92 V_2_91_92
2011-03-17 Bastien Nocerabuild: Require newer plparser for previous commit
2011-03-11 Bastien Nocerabuild: Require Zeitgeist 0.3.6 to be license compliant
2011-03-10 Bastien Nocera2.91.91 V_2_91_91
2011-03-07 Jakub SteinerUpdate icon for GNOME 3
2011-02-23 Bastien Noceragalago: Rename to im-status and use gnome-session
2011-02-21 Bastien Nocera2.91.7 V_2_91_7
2011-02-13 Steve FrécinauxUpdate totem against latest libpeas API changes.
2011-02-11 Michal HrubyAdded zeitgeist dataprovider plugin
2011-02-02 Bastien Nocera2.91.6 V_2_91_6
2011-02-02 Carlos Garcia CamposFix the build with recent GTK+
2011-01-28 Bastien Nocera2.91.5 V_2_91_5
2011-01-28 Bastien Nocerabuild: Update reqs to latest unstable
2011-01-28 Martyn Russelltracker: Use new libtracker-sparql API
2011-01-22 Philip WithnallBug 640048 — Build failure due libbaconvideowidgetprope...
2011-01-14 Abderrahim Kitouniplugins: Re-add the sample vala plugin
2011-01-11 Matthias Clasenbuild: Detect X11 properly with newer GTK+
2010-12-22 Philip Withnall2.91.4 V_2_91_4
2010-12-22 Philip WithnallFix breakage caused by GDK-X11 API changes
2010-12-22 Philip WithnallFix GDK includes in EggSmClient
2010-12-20 Philip WithnallBump our gnome-doc-utils dependency to 0.20.3
2010-12-18 Philip WithnallTidy up the Python checks in configure.in
2010-12-14 Philip WithnallReduce Totem's libpeas dependency to 0.7.0
2010-12-14 Philip WithnallMove from peas-ui to peas-gtk
2010-12-13 Bastien Nocerayoutube: Use new gdk-pixbuf APIs
2010-12-06 Bastien Nocerasave-file: Add save file plugin
2010-12-06 Bastien NoceraRemove trailing tabs
2010-12-01 Bastien NoceraHide the slider when streaming
2010-11-22 Robert AncellCan't use both IT_PROG_INTLTOOL and AM_GNU_GETTEXT
2010-11-15 Bastien Nocerabuild: Update requirement for dbus-glib to 0.82
2010-11-03 Bastien Noceramythtv: Remove plugin
2010-11-02 Bastien Nocera2.91.0 V_2_91_0
2010-11-02 Bastien NoceraRemove sample-vala plugin
2010-10-08 Philip WithnallUse upstream gettext instead of GLib's gettext
2010-10-07 Bastien Nocera2.90.6
2010-10-04 Bastien NoceraUpdate to compile against latest libpeas
2010-09-18 Philip WithnallRemove use of gtk_progress_bar_set_orientation()
2010-09-04 Philip WithnallUse gtk-doc's no-tmpl flavour
2010-09-04 Philip WithnallEradicate GConf from configure.in
2010-09-04 Philip WithnallPort Python plugins to GSettings
2010-09-04 Philip WithnallPort C plugins to GSettings
2010-09-04 Philip WithnallPort to GSettings
2010-08-19 Bastien NoceraPort to libpeas 0.5.5
2010-08-09 Philip WithnallUse libsoup directly to load video pages in the YouTube...
2010-08-09 Alexander SaprykinMerge chapters plugin with a master branch
2010-08-08 Philip WithnallSort allowed_plugins alphabetically
2010-08-06 Bastien NoceraRequire libpeas 0.5.4
2010-07-21 Bastien NoceraRequire newer GStreamer and plugins
2010-07-19 Philip WithnallBump libpeas requirement due to builtin API changes
2010-07-13 Philip WithnallRe-enable Python support for testing
2010-07-13 Philip Withnall2.90.5 V_2_90_5
2010-07-13 Philip WithnallDisable support for Python plugins again
2010-07-12 Philip WithnallDepend on libpeas >= 0.5.2
2010-07-11 Philip WithnallPort publish plugin to libpeas
2010-07-07 Philip WithnallUpdate use of GVariant API to follow API changes in...
2010-06-30 Philip WithnallMerge branch 'introspection'
2010-06-27 Philip WithnallPort coherence_upnp plugin to libpeas
2010-06-27 Philip WithnallRe-enable Python plugins support
2010-06-27 Philip WithnallRemove Python and Vala bindings
2010-06-27 Philip WithnallBug 602753 — Make it possible to build plugins out...
2010-06-27 Philip WithnallBug 551290 — Add gobject-introspection support
2010-06-22 Saleem AbdulrasoolPort from unique to GApplication
2010-06-21 Bastien NoceraFix glib2 requires
2010-06-19 Philip Withnall2.90.0 V_2_90_0
2010-06-19 Philip WithnallDisable Vala plugins
2010-06-16 Bastien NoceraPort to libpeas for plugin handling
2010-06-13 Bastien NoceraDisable Python plugin support for now