Build: Add build support for Dual-M3 with SMP (ipu) platforms
[gstreamer-omap:sysbios-rpmsg.git] / src / config.bld
2012-04-16 Juan GutierrezBuild: Add build support for Dual-M3 with SMP (ipu...
2012-03-12 Juan GutierrezBuild: Set proper entry point for DSP
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaBuild: Enable build for OMAP5 platforms
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezBuild: Select build targets based on CGT environment...
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezBuild: Suppress "incomplete type not allowed" warning...
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezBuild: Generate a default firmware binary for DSP
2011-10-31 G AnthonyBuild: Add zero_init=off flag to ducati build options
2011-10-12 Suman AnnaBuild: Turn off cinit compression
2011-07-21 Suman AnnaBuild: Enable the sysbios-rpmsg build