2012-05-23 Suman AnnaIPC: Extend VirtQueue slave API
2012-05-23 G AnthonyIPC: Correct VirtQueue_getAvailBuf based on review
2012-05-23 Suman AnnaMerge branch 'rpmsg-1.20' into master
2012-05-23 Suman AnnaSamples: Update the ResMgr sample to check for proper...
2012-05-19 Juan GutierrezIPC: Handle unknown mbox messages correctly
2012-05-19 Suman AnnaIPC: Rename the vring buffer macros and variables
2012-05-19 Suman AnnaResMgr: Correct for coding style in internal structures
2012-05-10 Alberto AguirreSrvMgr: Add support for OMAPRPC mechanism
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaSamples: Invoke ServiceMgr_start specifically
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaConfigs: Include the OMX Service Manager module
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaSrvMgr: Enhance Service Manager to allow multiple services
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaSrvMgr: Protect header against multiple inclusions
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaSrvMgr: Cleanup types in rpmsg omx header
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaBuild: Update to newer XDC and IPC toolset
2012-05-10 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup SMP-mode files properly
2012-05-09 Suman AnnaTrace: Use proper locking for trace buffers in SMP...
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezBuild: Add build support for IPU platforms in SMP-mode
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezUtils: Build default target binaries for IPU SMP-mode
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezSamples: Add SMP-mode IPU samples
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Add common configuration files for SMP-mode...
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Move Idle module from IpcCommon to specific...
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaHDMIWA: Build HDMI WA libraries for both SMP and non...
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaDEH: Build DEH for SMP and non-SMP modes
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezPM: Add SMP support to the Power Management code
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezPM: Configure deepsleep for IPU in a generic way
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaGates: Build HwSpinlock for both SMP and non-SMP modes
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaResMgr: Build Resource Manager for both SMP and non...
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaRCM: Build RCM for both SMP and non-SMP modes
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaTrace: Customize tracing for SMP-mode
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezResources: Add SMP-mode support to resource table
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezSrvMgr: Use rpmsg-omx1 channel name for IPU in SMP...
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaIPC: Add SMP support to the VirtQueue module
2012-05-07 Suman AnnaIPC: Add SMP support to IPU interrupt functions
2012-05-07 Juan GutierrezPlatform: Add separate IPU platform targets for SMP
2012-05-06 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Don't delete terminated tasks
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaTrace: Rename the library from SysMin to ti.trace
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaResources: Rename the library from IpcMemory to ti...
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaRCM: Rename the library from grcm to ti.grcm
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaDEH: Rename the library from Deh to ti.deh
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaIPC: Link using correct profile library
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup Power Management build and linkage
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup HDMIWA build
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup HwSpinlock build
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup Resource Manager build
2012-05-06 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup Service Manager build
2012-05-05 Suman AnnaIPC: Rename InterruptM3 to InterruptIpu
2012-05-05 Suman AnnaTrace: Introduce line buffer for local caching
2012-05-05 Paul HuntPM: Remove redundant critical section protections
2012-05-05 Suman AnnaBuild: Allow build only for debug and release profiles
2012-05-05 Suman AnnaBuild: Cleanup generated files path in various packages
2012-05-05 Suman AnnaBuild: Display C6x CGT info and other minor cleanup
2012-05-01 Suman AnnaUtils: Display the debug section size trace in Hex
2012-05-01 G AnthonyIPC: Delete virtio.h
2012-04-30 Jesse VillarrealSrvMgr: Initialize ServiceMgr only once
2012-04-27 Juan GutierrezIPC: Fix a race condition in MessageQCopy initialization
2012-04-25 Juan GutierrezPlatform: Fix IPU clock frequency for OMAP5
2012-04-19 Suman AnnaResources: Use macros for carveout resource sizes
2012-04-19 Subramaniam C.AUtils: Remove utils README file
2012-04-13 Miguel VadilloSrvMgr: Send boot init completion notification to host
2012-04-13 Miguel VadilloIPC: Add a function to notify host upon init completion
2012-04-13 Shahid AkhtarPM: Add new API to control suspend process
2012-04-11 Juan GutierrezUtils: Add suspend address in resource table
2012-04-10 Suman AnnaIPC: Remove intermediate calls in the proxy interrupt...
2012-04-10 Juan GutierrezIPC: Remove unnecessary headers in OffloadM3 file
2012-04-10 Juan GutierrezIPC: Add dependency towards pm package in rpmsg package
2012-04-10 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Enable named instances for the Task module
2012-03-31 Suman AnnaSamples: Update host samples to work for both Ducati...
2012-03-31 Angela StegmaierSamples: Update test_omx fxnDouble for proper OMX packet
2012-03-22 Juan GutierrezServiceMgr: Use different omx-channel name for each...
2012-03-12 Suman AnnaResources: Add DMM/TILER register space to Resource...
2012-03-12 Cris JanssonIPC: Throttle cache flushing in VirtQueue_cacheWb
2012-03-12 Cris JanssonResMgr: Return error on NULL handle
2012-03-12 Cris JanssonRCM: Add missing fields to RcmServer_Struct
2012-03-12 Juan GutierrezUtils: Assign an entry point for DSP when not provided
2012-03-12 Juan GutierrezBuild: Set proper entry point for DSP
2012-03-12 Suman AnnaDocs: Cleanup README
2012-03-12 Suman AnnaBuild: Improve flexibility for picking tool versions
2012-03-07 Juan GutierrezResources: Add support for both OMAP4 & OMAP5 platforms
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaPlatform: Increase OMAP5 IPU Core1 heap by 60MB
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaUtils: Build default target binaries for OMAP5
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaBuild: Enable build for OMAP5 platforms
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaSamples: Add build support for OMAP5 targets
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaConfigs: Add common configuration files for OMAP5
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaPlatform: Add OMAP5 platform targets
2012-03-07 Suman AnnaResources: Add DMM/TILER register space to Resource...
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezSamples: Enable Unicache and AMMU for DSP samples
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Add an AMMU configuration file for DSP
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezBuild: Select build targets based on CGT environment...
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezUtils: Check and pass only the defined arguments
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezBuild: Suppress "incomplete type not allowed" warning...
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezTrace: Fix variable alignment when building for DSP
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezBuild: Generate a default firmware binary for DSP
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Include DEH module in DSP baseimage
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezResources: Include crash-dump buffer in DSP resource...
2012-03-06 Juan GutierrezPlatform: Add Exception region for DSP
2012-03-05 Juan GutierrezPM: Set wake-up generation capability for GPT6 on DSP
2012-03-05 Juan GutierrezDEH: Add exception handling support for DSP
2012-03-05 Juan GutierrezSamples: Add support to build a sample for DSP
2012-03-05 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Initial commit for common DSP configuration...
2012-03-05 Juan GutierrezResources: Add DSP resource table