2011-12-13 Chandra Sekhar... Samples: Update test_omx sample for proper OMX packet
2011-12-13 Subramaniam C.ASamples: Update host sample to work with latest rpmsg-omx
2011-11-16 Iliyan MalchevTrace: Change StackDbg to BSD license
2011-10-31 G AnthonyBuild: Add zero_init=off flag to ducati build options
2011-10-28 Fernando Guzman... ResMgr: Serialize messages to the IPC RM server
2011-10-26 Juan GutierrezUtils: Add tool dependencies in the firmware header
2011-10-19 Suman AnnaUtils: Fix firmware versioning when run from other...
2011-10-18 Juan GutierrezUtils: Append version in firmware header
2011-10-13 Suman AnnaPM: Cleanup IpcPower initialization
2011-10-13 Suman AnnaGates: Initialize HwSpinlock module state
2011-10-13 Fernando Guzman... IPC: Initialize queueRegistry array to NULL
2011-10-13 Juan GutierrezIPC: Always notify for every new vring buffer sent...
2011-10-12 Suman AnnaBuild: Turn off cinit compression
2011-10-06 Rob ClarkUtils: Allow genrprc to be run from other directories
2011-10-06 Suman AnnaPlatform: Relocate power management memory region
2011-10-03 Suman AnnaUtils: Enhance genextbin to provide two new features
2011-10-03 Iliyan MalchevDEH: Print a stack trace with the crash message
2011-10-03 Iliyan MalchevDEH: Add stack dump to trace buffer on exception
2011-10-03 Iliyan MalchevTrace: Add a new StackDbg module
2011-09-23 Suman AnnaBuild: Provide Makefile extensibility for custom XDC...
2011-09-23 Suman AnnaTrace: Configure timestamp format based on BIOS tick...
2011-09-23 Suman AnnaBuild: Add recent new files to ignore list
2011-09-23 Suman AnnaUtils: Add the genextbin utility
2011-09-21 Suman AnnaBuild: Update to XDC toolset
2011-09-21 Juan GutierrezSamples: Add a task to test HwSpinlock
2011-09-20 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Add HwSpinlock module to common configuration...
2011-09-20 Juan GutierrezGates: Create a BIOS-side HwSpinlock module
2011-09-16 Juan GutierrezDEH: Check Error buffer size sanity
2011-09-16 Juan GutierrezTrace: Check trace buffer size sanity
2011-09-16 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Move error buffers into the exception memory...
2011-09-16 Juan GutierrezPlatform: Create a new Exception region and relocate...
2011-09-16 Suman AnnaResources: Split the IPC carveout memory
2011-09-16 Suman AnnaUtils: Cleanup readrprc output format
2011-09-16 Abhishek RankaSrvMgr: Add support for invoking a disconnect hook...
2011-09-15 Shahid AkhtarDEH: Save raw exception registers into exception buffer
2011-09-15 Shahid AkhtarUtils: Add error/crash-dump buffer
2011-09-13 Juan GutierrezPM: Add wake lock/unlock APIs to control deep sleep...
2011-09-10 Shahid AkhtarDEH: Add watchdog timer for M3 cores
2011-09-10 Shahid AkhtarDEH: Add a Device Exception Handler (DEH) module
2011-09-09 Shahid AkhtarIPC: Modify postCrashToMailbox() API signature
2011-09-09 Shahid AkhtarUtils: Update resources table for trace buffer size
2011-09-08 Sarthak AggarwalResources: Increase the size of 1D IO buffer area
2011-09-07 Juan GutierrezTrace: Relocate trace buffer and add dump support
2011-09-07 Shahid AkhtarTrace: Add a custom SysMin module for traces
2011-08-29 Juan GutierrezSamples: Request GPT9 instead of GPT3 in resmgr sample
2011-08-29 Juan GutierrezPM: Enable GPT3 and GPT4 interrupts as wakeup sources
2011-08-29 Juan GutierrezConfigs: Use GPT3 and GPT4 as src clk for BIOS tick...
2011-08-27 Suman AnnaResources: Adjust memory map for increased code size
2011-08-27 Suman AnnaPlatform: Increase the EXT_CODE size for Core1
2011-08-23 Suman AnnaConfigs: Set Non-Posted policy for IPC & Peripheral...
2011-08-23 Suman AnnaIPC: Label the VirtQueue ids properly
2011-08-10 Suman AnnaResources: Add 1D IO buffers to resource table and...
2011-08-01 Fernando Guzman... ResMgr: Add i2c resource
2011-07-28 Suman AnnaUtils: Update the firmware to carry section physical...
2011-07-28 Suman AnnaUtils: Remove the v1 firmware generator code
2011-07-27 Fernando Guzman... ResMgr: Copy parameters and assert resource size only...
2011-07-26 Suman AnnaUtils: Adjust the permissions on script files
2011-07-26 G AnthonyRCM: Remove RCM build dependency on PackageBuildHelp
2011-07-26 Suman AnnaUtils: Add license to missing bin generator files
2011-07-26 Suman AnnaDocs: Update README
2011-07-21 Suman AnnaBuild: Generate a default firmware binary
2011-07-21 Suman AnnaBuild: Enable the sysbios-rpmsg build
2011-07-21 G AnthonySamples: Initial commit for host-side samples
2011-07-21 G AnthonySamples: Initial commit for bios-side samples
2011-07-21 G AnthonyConfigs: Initial commit for common configuration files
2011-07-21 Suman AnnaPlatform: Initial commit for target platform maps
2011-07-21 Miguel VadilloResMgr: Initial commit for constraints framework
2011-07-21 G AnthonySrvMgr: Initial commit for Service Manager
2011-07-21 G AnthonyRCM: Initial commit for Remote Command Messaging modules
2011-07-21 G AnthonyBuild: Initial Commit for package build utility
2011-07-21 Shreyas PrasadIPC: Initial commit for RPMSG IPC
2011-07-21 Fernando Guzman... PM: Initial commit for Ducati Power Management module
2011-07-21 Mark GrosenUtils: Initial commit for firmware generator
2011-07-21 G AnthonyResources: Initial commit for resource table
2011-07-21 Robert TivyUtils: Initial commit for ELF image parsing
2011-07-21 Suman AnnaSetup: Initial setup