last changeWed, 25 Jul 2012 02:59:48 +0000 (02:59 +0000)
2012-07-25 Alessandro... Define DCE_RPC_CODEC_GET_VERSION master
2012-07-25 Alessandro... Revert "baseimage: add codecs"
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hlibdce: translate data buffer address
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hih264vdec.h: add a dozen bytes at the end of the Status...
2012-07-24 Alessandro... dist ti/sdo/codecs/h264enc/ih264enc.h
2012-07-11 Alessandro... ducati: add missing videnc2_control prototype
2012-07-16 Alessandro... Update h264enc header
2012-07-13 Martin StorsjoAdd the IDRFrameInterval field to the IH264ENC_Params...
2012-07-13 Alessandro... Add ih264enc.h header
2012-07-11 Vincent StehléDo not init systemHeap to reduce boot time
2012-07-11 Vincent StehléAdd load reporting
2012-07-11 Vincent Stehlébaseimage: add codecs
2012-07-11 Alessandro... ducati: set VIDENC2_DynamicParams::getBufferFxn to...
2012-06-28 Alessandro... impeg4vdec.h: update header
2012-06-28 Alessandro... Switch master to rpmsg.
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléDisplay codec version at create
5 years ago get-version
5 years ago master
6 years ago syslink2