last changeThu, 30 Aug 2012 07:59:43 +0000 (09:59 +0200)
2012-08-30 Hervé Fachedisplay-kms: add option to disable multiplanar master
2012-08-30 Hervé Fachedisp_open: do not crash on error
2012-08-28 Vincent Stehlédisplay: add close "virtual" function
2012-08-27 Vincent Stehléviddec3test: handle non-multiplanar
2012-08-27 Vincent Stehlédisplay: new multiplanar qualifier
2012-08-21 Vincent Stehléviddec3test: new option --loop
2012-08-21 Vincent Stehlédemux: add rewind
2012-08-17 Vincent Stehléviddec3test: new option --no-process
2012-08-17 Vincent Stehlédisp: new option --debug and dynamic debug
2012-08-17 Vincent Stehlédisp: new option --no-post to disable buffers posting
2012-08-17 Vincent Stehlédisp: new option --fps to maintain playback rate
2012-08-10 Vincent Stehlémark(): handle one second change properly
2012-08-10 Vincent Stehléviddec3test: -h, --help command line options
2012-07-05 Vincent StehléIgnore tags
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléAdd disp_close, disp_x11_close
2012-06-10 Vincent Stehléviddec3test: better initialization of buffer fields
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