2010-06-01 Daniel Stonelibkms: Fix include paths
2010-05-26 Eric AnholtEnable silent automake rules.
2010-05-26 Eric Anholtintel_bufmgr_fake: fix compile warning.
2010-05-24 Chris Wilsonintel: Don't change tiling mode unless the kernel repor...
2010-05-13 Chris WilsonRevert "intel: We don't need to take the bufmgr lock...
2010-05-12 Jonathan CallenOnly build tests in make check
2010-05-12 Kristian HøgsbergPull in new kernel headers
2010-05-11 Chris Wilsonintel: query whether a buffer is reusable.
2010-05-06 Chris Wilsonintel: We don't need to take the bufmgr lock whilst...
2010-04-28 Michel Dänzervbltest: Doesn't need intel stuff.
2010-04-27 Jesse Barnestests: add new vblank test
2010-04-26 Marek Olšákradeon: use the const qualifier in radeon_cs_write_table
2010-04-17 Alan CoopersmithCorrect the Solaris definitions of atomic_add & atomic_dec
2010-04-17 Alan CoopersmithMake libkms build default OS-dependent
2010-04-11 Chris Wilsonintel: Use the correct size when allocating reloc_targe...
2010-04-09 Kristian HøgsbergRevert "Fix pkgconfig includes for /usr/include/drm"
2010-04-09 Ben Skeggsnouveau: stop shipping nouveau_class.h
2010-04-08 Jerome Glissedrm/radeon: add new cs command stream dumping facilities
2010-04-02 Jesse Barneslibdrm: bump version number to 2.4.20 for release
2010-03-29 Jerome Glissedrm/radeon: tab/whitespace cleanup
2010-03-26 Jesse Barnesmodetest: add optional select codepath
2010-03-25 Ben SkeggsFix pkgconfig includes for /usr/include/drm
2010-03-19 Ben Skeggsnouveau: fix annoying compiler warning
2010-03-19 Ben Skeggsnouveau: fix segfault in nouveau_bo_new_tile() failure...
2010-03-19 Ben Skeggsnouveau: remove unused field from nouveau_bo
2010-03-18 Francisco Jereznouveau: Regenerate nouveau_class.h.
2010-03-17 Pauli NieminenCheck HAVE_RADEON only after checking for atomic operat...
2010-03-17 Eric Anholtintel: Install the header file in the libdrm/ directory.
2010-03-17 Julien CristauInstall headers to $(includedir)/libdrm
2010-03-17 Julien Cristaulibdrm_nouveau requires libdrm
2010-03-17 Julien Cristaulibdrm_intel.pc: don't include ${includedir}/drm
2010-03-17 Eric Anholtintel: Align untiled buffer pitch to 64B.
2010-03-17 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm: Fix error message if libdrm_intel|radeon is...
2010-03-17 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm_radeon: Optimize cs_gem_reloc to do less looping.
2010-03-17 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm: Move intel_atomic.h to libdrm core for sharing.
2010-03-13 Francisco Jereznouveau: Fix up the stride of NV20TCL_LIGHT_BACK_*.
2010-03-07 Francisco Jereznouveau: Small lighting related addition to nouveau_cla...
2010-03-07 Chris Wilsonintel: Repeat execbuffer if interrupted by signal
2010-03-06 Francisco Jereznouveau: Update nouveau_class.h.
2010-03-05 Eric Anholtintel: Only align Y-tiling pitch to the Y tile width.
2010-03-04 Chris Wilsonintel: Propagate some more error returns
2010-03-03 Eric AnholtIncrement version to 2.4.19 for release.
2010-03-03 Eric Anholtintel: Update the needs_fence flag of buffers on the...
2010-03-03 Eric Anholtintel: Don't enable execbuf2 fenced relocs unless we...
2010-03-02 Eric Anholtintel: Don't tile-align pitch for untiled buffers.
2010-03-02 Eric Anholtintel: Fix typo in conversion from IS_GEN to bufmgr_gem...
2010-03-02 Eric Anholtintel: add a comment about tiled buffer alloc height...
2010-03-02 Maarten Maathuisnouveau: make sure initial kalloc for user bo ends...
2010-03-02 Eric Anholtintel: Use an integer for chipset generation instead...
2010-03-02 Jesse Barneslibdrm/intel: execbuf2 support
2010-02-28 Marcin Kościelnickitests/modetest: Don't get_props on a connector after...
2010-02-28 Marcin Kościelnickitests: vrefresh is actually not * 1000.
2010-02-28 Marcin Kościelnickitests: Add nouveau to list of supported modules.
2010-02-28 Marcin Kościelnickilibkms/nouveau: Add support
2010-02-28 Marcin Kościelnickilibkms/intel: Throw out unused intel_bo fields.
2010-02-28 Marcin KościelnickiAdd config.h macro HAVE_NOUVEAU
2010-02-25 Eric Anholtintel: Add initial support for Sandybridge, and clean...
2010-02-25 Francisco Jereznouveau: Update nouveau_class.h.
2010-02-20 Patrice Mandinnv30: update for 8 texture units
2010-02-20 Patrice Mandinnv30: update for front/back stencil inversion
2010-02-18 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Use a standard version number
2010-02-18 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Enable by default
2010-02-18 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Add missing include file to libkms source
2010-02-18 Jakob Bornecrantzvmwgfx: Update kernel header
2010-02-18 Marek Olšákradeon: add square-tiling flag
2010-02-16 Carl WorthIncrement version to 2.4.18 for release.
2010-02-16 Ben Skeggsnouveau: bump MAX_PUSH to 512
2010-02-16 Luca Barbierinouveau: interface changes for 0.0.16 DRM
2010-02-11 Alex Deucherdrm: a some new connector types from the kernel
2010-02-10 Chris Wilsonintel: Handle resetting of input params after EINTR...
2010-02-09 Chris Wilsonintel: Account for potential pinned buffers hogging...
2010-02-05 Matthew W.... Tidy up compile warnings by cleaning up types.
2010-02-04 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm/radeon: Fix section size mismatch to reset the...
2010-02-02 Dave Airlieradeon: enable by default now that kms is out of staging
2010-02-02 Dave Airlieintel: check return value for calloc
2010-02-01 Francisco Jereznouveau: Regenerate nouveau_class.h.
2010-01-31 Marcin Slusarznouveau: add nouveau_resource_destroy
2010-01-28 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Rework interface to not duplicate fields from...
2010-01-27 Marcin Kościelnickinouveau: Update nouveau_drm.h
2010-01-23 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Fix return value in vmwgfx_bo_create
2010-01-21 Ben Skeggsnouveau: fail channel creation if pushbuf init fails
2010-01-20 Chris Wilsonintel: Add pkg-config dependency on using...
2010-01-17 Alan CoopersmithSupport gcc's __FUNCTION__ for people using other compilers
2010-01-17 Alan CoopersmithAdd support for Solaris libc atomic operations
2010-01-17 Alan CoopersmithInclude alloca.h in tests/drmstat.c when configure...
2010-01-15 Marcin Slusarznouveau: disable flush_notify on channel_free
2010-01-15 Marcin Slusarznouveau: fix memory leak in nouveau_channel_free
2010-01-15 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Fix multiple map unmap in vmwgfx and add commen...
2010-01-14 Jerome Glisseradeon: get device id from the kernel, use it in cs_print
2010-01-14 Jerome Glisseradeon: simpler cs print function
2010-01-14 Jerome Glisseradeon: indentation + trailing space cleanup
2010-01-14 Jerome Glisseradeon: indentation & trailing space cleanup
2010-01-14 Jerome Glisseradeon: indentation + trailing space cleanup
2010-01-12 Jakob Bornecrantztests: Update kmstest a bit
2010-01-12 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Use sysfs instead of udev to find driver
2010-01-08 Jakob Bornecrantztests: Add a very small libkms test
2010-01-08 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms/intel: Don't fail to create bo if we fail to...
2010-01-08 Francisco Jereznouveau: Update nouveau_class.h.
2010-01-08 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Add intel backend
2010-01-08 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Pick driver backend via pci id that we get...