file drmstat.c was initially added on branch bsd-1-0-0-branch.
[gstreamer-omap:libdrm.git] / libdrm /
2000-04-20 Brian PaulMerged glxmisc-1-0-0
2000-04-04 Jeff HartmannMerged mga branch with trunk
2000-03-16 Jeff HartmannMerge with 4.0
2000-03-15 Jeff HartmannImport of XFree86 4.0
2000-02-22 Kevin E Martin3.9.18 merge
2000-01-07 Rik FaithMerge between X_3_9_16 and X_3_9_17 Compiles but may...
1999-12-18 Daryll StraussRename the device to be /dev/dri instead of /dev/dri...
1999-12-07 Daryll StraussMove Mesa to xc/extras Update to the latest Mesa 3...
1999-12-05 Daryll StraussFirst DRI release of 3dfx driver.
1999-12-05 Daryll StraussInitial revision