2012-10-31 Guillaume AubertinPM: adding suspend/resume callbacks dce_pm
2012-10-08 Guillaume AubertinPM: moving ivahd_boot() back to ivahd_init()
2012-10-08 Thibault SaunierExpose more APIs in the ih264enc.h header
2012-10-03 Nicolas Dechesneducati: get rid of un-needed #include
2012-09-25 Vincent Penquerc'hProcess the freeBufID array even when an error occurs
2012-09-24 Rob Clarkfix authentication issues
2012-09-19 Rob Clarkadd wayland support
2012-09-19 Rob Clarksplit X11 auth out into libdce-x11.c
2012-09-17 Hervé FacheRemove header file gone from CE and FC
2012-08-17 Guillaume AubertinPM: implementing PM on DCE side
2012-08-08 Xavier BoudetFix MPEG4VDEC codec name
2012-08-06 Guillaume AubertinMoving MessageQCopy_init to dce_main()
2012-08-06 Guillaume AubertinUsing new XDAIS with XDM_MOVEBUFS support
2012-08-06 Guillaume Aubertinmoving MEMUTILS_getPhysicalAddr to baseimage
2012-08-03 Hervé Fachempeg4 codec: add path to independent codec too
2012-07-25 Alessandro... Define DCE_RPC_CODEC_GET_VERSION
2012-07-25 Alessandro... Revert "baseimage: add codecs"
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hlibdce: translate data buffer address
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hih264vdec.h: add a dozen bytes at the end of the Status...
2012-07-24 Alessandro... dist ti/sdo/codecs/h264enc/ih264enc.h
2012-07-11 Alessandro... ducati: add missing videnc2_control prototype
2012-07-16 Alessandro... Update h264enc header
2012-07-13 Martin StorsjoAdd the IDRFrameInterval field to the IH264ENC_Params...
2012-07-13 Alessandro... Add ih264enc.h header
2012-07-11 Vincent StehléDo not init systemHeap to reduce boot time
2012-07-11 Vincent StehléAdd load reporting
2012-07-11 Vincent Stehlébaseimage: add codecs
2012-07-11 Alessandro... ducati: set VIDENC2_DynamicParams::getBufferFxn to...
2012-06-28 Alessandro... impeg4vdec.h: update header
2012-06-28 Alessandro... Switch master to rpmsg.
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléDisplay codec version at create
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléRespond to sample ping
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléFix comments
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléSupport SMP
2012-06-26 Vincent StehléIgnore lib and baseimage
2012-06-26 Alessandro... Merge remote-tracking branch 'rob/rpmsg' into rpmsg
2012-06-10 Alessandro... libdce: fix refcounting in init/deinit
2012-06-10 Alessandro... Add XDM_MEMTYPE_BO_OFFSET
2012-06-10 Alessandro... Add dce_get_fd() to get the drm fd
2012-06-10 Vincent StehléUpdate firmware image
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: reports mem stats on codec create/delete instea...
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: create a BIOS startup function with dce_init()
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: removed un-needed references to sysbios-rpmsg...
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: split ti.dce into a lib and a separate baseimage
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: filter out un-necessary profiles in config.bld
2012-05-29 Rob ClarkSet HDVICP2_PARAMS.resetControlAddress dynamically...
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: remove call to VirtQueue_startup() in startup
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: initial build conf support for SMP BIOS
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: implement VirtToPhys using new sysbios-rpmsg API
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: dce: Remove resource table trace print from...
2012-05-29 Rob ClarkAdd download link for compiler
2012-05-23 Vincent StehléOnly call reloc when reloc_len is non-zero
2012-05-15 Alessandro... libdce: fix refcounting in init/deinit
2012-05-12 Rob ClarkSet HDVICP2_PARAMS.resetControlAddress dynamically...
2012-05-09 Alessandro... Add XDM_MEMTYPE_BO_OFFSET
2012-05-09 Alessandro... Add dce_get_fd() to get the drm fd
2012-03-20 Alessandro... memsrv: update RCM MemMgr_Alloc params
2012-03-06 Alessandro... Resurrect MemMgr RCM support.
2012-02-03 Rob Clarkupdate firmware image
2012-02-03 Rob Clarkadd dynamic buffer relocation support
2012-02-02 Rob ClarkUpdate firmware image
2012-02-02 Rob ClarkMulti-OMAP support
2012-02-02 Rob ClarkWorkaround for bootup crash when AMMU is enabled
2012-02-02 Rob Clarkcleanup cfg file
2012-01-30 Rob ClarkFix potential crash at bootup
2012-01-29 Rob ClarkUpdate firmware image
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkadd connect message
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkremove test
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkducati: update for only core0 (sysm3) builds
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkbegin porting linux/client side
2011-12-08 Alessandro... ducati: add compile time flag to disable requesting...
2011-11-03 Alessandro... Fix proxy init/deinit refcount
2011-11-03 Alessandro... Rework the resource cleanup code
2011-10-20 Alessandro... Comment out some HDVICP_Reset code that causes hangs...
2011-10-21 Alessandro... base_image: load mpeg4enc codec
2011-10-21 Alessandro... ..and install the mpeg4enc header
2011-10-21 Alessandro... Add mpeg4enc header
2011-10-20 Alessandro... dce_app_m3.cfg: uncomment use of ti.omap.deh.Deh again
2011-10-20 Alessandro... Workaround for encoders that need getBufferFxn != NULL
2011-10-20 Alessandro... dce-test: link to libtimemmgr
2011-10-19 Alessandro... Add h264enc header
2011-10-19 Alessandro... Add VIDENC2 headers
2011-10-19 Alessandro... Initial VIDENC2 implementation
2011-10-18 Rob Clarkinitial setup of ducati build for dce-rpmsg
2011-10-09 Rob Clarkadd videnc2 header for encoders
2011-10-02 Rob Clarkupdate README
2011-10-02 Rob Clarktest: add "-1" arg to allocate 1D output buffers
2011-09-12 Alessandro... Fix IVC1VDEC_Status definition
2011-09-12 Alessandro... Update codec headers
2011-09-05 Alessandro... dce_app_m3.cfg: update heap sizes to match the new...
2011-09-05 Alessandro... ducatiplatform.xs: update to match the glp1.4 memory...
2011-09-05 Alessandro... dce_app_m3.cfg: update linker section mappings
2011-06-26 Rob Clarkducati: fix incorrect allocation of non-tiled requests
2011-06-26 Rob Clarktest: use base class params
2011-06-26 Rob Clarkfix pkg-config dependencies
2011-06-23 Rob Clarkupdate firmware
2011-06-23 Rob Clarkadd files to build ducati (m3) side firmware
2011-05-12 Rob Clarkremove ducati submodule
2011-01-09 Rob Clarkfix leak in heap used by codecs
2011-01-09 Rob Clarkadd ducati and IVAHD power management