PM: adding suspend/resume support
[gstreamer-omap:libdce.git] / README
2012-08-06 Guillaume AubertinUsing new XDAIS with XDM_MOVEBUFS support
2012-06-28 Alessandro DecinaSwitch master to rpmsg.
2012-06-26 Alessandro DecinaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rob/rpmsg' into rpmsg
2012-05-29 Rob ClarkAdd download link for compiler
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkducati: update for only core0 (sysm3) builds
2011-10-18 Rob Clarkinitial setup of ducati build for dce-rpmsg
2011-10-02 Rob Clarkupdate README
2011-06-23 Rob Clarkadd files to build ducati (m3) side firmware
2010-11-27 Rob Clarkadd more codecs
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkinitial commit