Integrate PSI KPI profiler
[gstreamer-omap:libdce.git] / ducati / ti / dce / baseimage / dce_ipu.cfg
2013-03-13 Vincent StehléIntegrate PSI KPI profiler
2013-02-11 Nicolas Dechesneducati: fix up some nasty (insane?) build issues ndec/temp
2012-12-05 Vincent StehléAdd .version
2012-11-28 Olivier Naudandce_ipu.cfg: actually the latest ducatimm is now using...
2012-11-27 Olivier Naudandce_ipu.cfg: the H264 and MPEG4 decoders are named...
2012-11-27 Olivier Naudandce_ipu.cfg: Removed JPEG encoder, not provided in...
2012-11-06 Olivier NaudanRemoved HDVICP library, no more used by codecs
2012-08-08 Xavier BoudetFix MPEG4VDEC codec name
2012-08-03 Hervé Fachempeg4 codec: add path to independent codec too
2012-07-25 Alessandro DecinaRevert "baseimage: add codecs"
2012-07-11 Vincent StehléDo not init systemHeap to reduce boot time
2012-07-11 Vincent StehléAdd load reporting
2012-07-11 Vincent Stehlébaseimage: add codecs
2012-06-28 Alessandro DecinaSwitch master to rpmsg.
2012-06-26 Alessandro DecinaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rob/rpmsg' into rpmsg
2012-05-29 Nicolas Dechesneducati: split ti.dce into a lib and a separate baseimage
2011-05-12 Rob Clarkremove ducati submodule
2011-01-09 Rob Clarkfix leak in heap used by codecs
2011-01-09 Rob Clarkadd ducati and IVAHD power management
2011-01-05 Rob Clarksome trace cleanups, and update HDVICP
2010-12-23 Rob Clarkupdate realvdec codec
2010-12-11 Rob Clarkupdate h264dec, realvideo, mpeg4dec
2010-12-04 Rob Clarkadd mpeg2vdec
2010-11-28 Rob Clarkfix crash in VIDDEC3_delete
2010-11-28 Rob Clarkupdates for L24.11
2010-11-27 Rob Clarkadd more codecs
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkadd mpeg4dec codec
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkinitial commit