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last changeWed, 29 Jun 2011 10:05:23 +0000 (12:05 +0200)
2011-06-29 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: free date tag master
2011-06-28 Jonas Larssonaacparse: not so greedy minimum frame size
2011-06-25 David Schleefconfigure: remove non-pkg-config check for shout
2011-06-24 Andoni Morales... dv1394src: make the internal clock thread safe
2011-06-24 Miguel Angel... rtpjitterbuffer: return correct type when assertion...
2011-06-23 David SchleefAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-06-21 Arun Raghavanpulse: Drop support for PA versions before 0.9.16
2011-06-21 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpmp4adepay: fix output buffer timestamps in case...
2011-06-20 Olivier Crêtertpsession: The signal has 5 arguments, not 4
2011-06-18 Tim-Philipp... Bump git version after unplanned 0.10.30 release
2011-06-18 Tim-Philipp... sunaudio: fix typo in comment
2011-06-17 Stefan Kostaudioecho: fix param flags
2011-06-15 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.30 RELEASE-0.10.30
2011-06-15 Raimo Järviudp: Fix compiler warning on mingw-w64
2011-06-15 David Schleefinterleave: Work around changes in g_atomic API
2011-06-15 Jose Antonio... rtp: Fix segmentation fault processing payload buffers
6 years ago GLP1.4
6 years ago L24.14
7 years ago RELEASE-0.10.30 Release 0.10.30
5 years ago v0.10.31+ti
6 years ago v0.10.30+ti
6 years ago master