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last changeSat, 14 Nov 2009 14:02:10 +0000 (16:02 +0200)
2009-11-14 Felipe Contrerasvideodec: fallback framerate to 0/1 master
2009-09-20 Felipe Contrerasbase_sink: remove dead assignment
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasbase_filter: more proper printf formatting
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasbase_filter: trivial cleanup
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasutil: fix compilation warning
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasbuild: update 'common' stuff
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasvideodec: handle empty framerate
2009-09-19 Mark Nauwelaertsbase_filter: fix race condition when shutting down
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasbase_videoenc: use 0 as automatic bitrate
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasutil: increase timeout value
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasutil: cleanup ports when going to loaded
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasutil: improve timeout messages
2009-09-19 Felipe Contrerasutil: trivial cleanup
2009-09-19 Felipe ContrerasUpdate I420 to PackedPlanar
2009-04-26 Felipe ContrerasUpdate README
2009-04-26 Felipe ContrerasAdd 'patches' directory to the dist
6 years ago GLP1.4
6 years ago L24.14 L24.14
5 years ago v0.10.0.4+ti
8 years ago master