2012-01-04 Tim-Philipp... lame: fix printf format in debug statements
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertslame: ensure parsed output
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertslame: cleanup unused instance struct fields
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: ensure parsed output
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: do not leak merged tags
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertsdvdreadsrc: map subtitle language tag to stream indicat...
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertsdvddemux: tweak subtitle stream setup based on dvd...
2012-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertsdvdreadsrc: minor safety tweak to sector seeking
2011-12-16 Sebastian Drögea52dec: Don't claim to support upstream renegotiation
2011-12-16 Julien Isorcea52dec: Check that the a52_state is correctly initialized
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... Work around deprecated thread API in glib master
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2011-12-09 Tim-Philipp... rdtdepay: make buffer metadata writable before setting...
2011-11-29 Руслан Ижбулатовdvdreadsrc: Fix format string compiler warning
2011-11-28 Vincent Penquerc'hvarious: fix pad template ref leaks
2011-10-29 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Don't leak pending payload buffers
2011-10-28 Stefan Sauersiddec: use BOILERPLATE macro and cleanup FIXMEs
2011-10-05 Mark Nauwelaertsamrwbdec: port to audiodecoder
2011-10-05 Mark Nauwelaertsamrnbdec: fixup build
2011-10-05 Mark Nauwelaertsamrnbdec: remove leftover extraneous _unref
2011-10-03 Mark Nauwelaertsamrnbdec: port to audiodecoder
2011-09-30 Vincent Penquerc'hmpeg2dec: post QoS messages when dropping a frame due...
2011-09-27 Mark Nauwelaertsamrnbenc: port to audioencoder
2011-09-26 Sebastian Drögetwolame: Simple fix for GstAudioEncoder API change
2011-09-26 Sebastian Drögetwolame: Fix variable 'gstelement_class' set but not...
2011-09-26 Sebastian Drögelame: Don't get the parent class again, GST_BOILERPLATE...
2011-09-26 Sebastian Drögelame: Fix variable 'gstelement_class' set but not used...
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertstwolame: improve output framing and timestamping
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertstwolame: port to audioencoder
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertslame: use some more boilerplate
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertslame: port to audioencoder
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: use some more boilerplate
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: really report bitrate rather kbitrate
2011-09-26 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: port to audioencoder
2011-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hdvdreadsrc: take into account first sector of the curre...
2011-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hdvdreadsrc: fix sector seeking
2011-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hdvdreadsrc: fix sector search for packed titles
2011-09-13 Tim-Philipp... mad: remove id3tag dependency used by in practice unrea...
2011-09-08 Mark Nauwelaertsasfpacket: skip empty payload packets
2011-09-08 Tim-Philipp... rmdemux: delay announcing container tags until we have...
2011-09-07 Sebastian Drögeamrnbenc: Use complete raw audio caps in the test
2011-09-07 Stefan Sauerdocs: cleanup makefiles
2011-09-06 Stefan SauerAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-09-06 Stefan SauerAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-08-23 Vincent Penquerc'hmpeg2dec: fix spurious failure to decode some files
2011-07-30 Thiago Santosx264enc: Properly set the stream format in setcaps
2011-07-19 Stefan Sauerx264enc: fix the build for older x264enc
2011-07-19 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Read stream-format from the right place
2011-07-13 Thiago Santosx264enc: Select stream-format based on caps
2011-07-13 Olivier Crêtex264: Allow renegotiation but prefer current caps
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtetests: Test x264enc profiles from the caps
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtex264: Use profile and level from caps
2011-06-27 Brian Gitonga... x264enc: fix subme property annotation - subme maximum...
2011-06-23 David SchleefAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-06-06 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: fix fragmented packet handling and packet...
2011-06-03 Stefan Kostsynaesthesia: fix wrong debug log string (copy'n'paste)
2011-05-20 Stefan Kostrmdemux: target is unsigned and can't be < 0
2011-05-20 Stefan Kostmad: use signed when caluculating the delta
2011-05-19 Stefan Kostdocs: remove obsolete commented out part
2011-05-19 Stefan Kostdocs: update plugin introspection data
2011-05-19 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-05-18 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Post CODEC and BITRATE tags
2011-05-18 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-05-18 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-05-16 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: simplify and refactor packet parsing
2011-05-16 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: avoid re-sending header
2011-05-16 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: remove unused field
2011-05-14 Sebastian Drögemad: Post bitrate tag whenever the bitrate changes
2011-05-14 Tim-Philipp... win32: define GST_PACKAGE_RELEASE_DATETIME in win32...
2011-05-14 Tim-Philipp... Back to development
2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.18
2011-05-04 Sebastian Drögex264enc: Copy the template caps, it's not allowed to...
2011-05-04 Mark Nauwelaertsx264enc: do not leak peer pad reference
2011-05-03 Sjoerd Simonsx264enc: No need to copy, reffing is enough
2011-05-03 Sjoerd Simonsx264enc: get_caps function should return a copy of...
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-24 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... tests: add suppression for lame unit test
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... tests: add generic index-setting test
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: don't deadlock when setting an index
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... rademux: fix two 'variable may be used uninitialized...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp... mpegstream: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp... dvdread, sidplay, x264enc: fix unused-but-set-variable...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp... asfdemux: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-13 Sebastian Drögex264enc: Implement getcaps function
2011-04-11 Thibault Saunierandroid: make it ready for androgenizer
2011-04-11 Thibault Saunierandroid: remove the android/ folder
2011-04-04 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-30 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Allow changing the bitrate and quantitizers...
2011-03-30 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Set max bitrate in quality mode
2011-03-30 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Make it clear that constant quantizer is for...
2011-03-25 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-25 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-25 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-25 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-24 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-22 Luis de redundant use of AC_MSG_RESULT()