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[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-good.git] / gst-plugins-good.spec.in
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerquicktime: rename plugin to isomp4
2011-04-24 Tim-Philipp Müllerquicktime: rename plugin filename from *qtdemux* to...
2011-04-14 Christian Fredrik... Add parser plugin
2011-01-02 Tim-Philipp Müllerjack: new jackaudiosrc and jackaudiosink elements,...
2010-05-21 Christian SchallerUpdate spec file with latest changes
2010-05-11 Tim-Philipp MüllerMove oss4 plugin from -bad to -good
2009-08-11 Tim-Philipp MüllerMove rtpmanager from -bad to -good.
2009-05-28 Christian SchallerUpdate spec file with latest plugins
2008-12-10 Christian Schallersmaller spec file updates
2008-10-08 Christian Schallerremove old CDIO plugin now in ugly
2008-08-07 Christian Schalleradd pulseaudio to plugins list in spec file
2008-08-01 Christian Schalleradd missing gstreamer plugins to spec file
2008-04-14 Tim-Philipp Müllergst-plugins-good.spec.in: Update for souphttpsrc plugin...
2008-04-02 Christian Schalleradd new goom plugin to spec file
2008-02-08 Christian Schalleradd 3 new plugins to spec file
2007-10-26 Christian Schallerupdate spec file
2007-06-12 Jan SchmidtMove videocrop and osxvideo from -bad.
2007-06-12 Jan SchmidtMove qtdemux from -bad.
2007-04-11 Christian Schallerupdate to spec file
2007-01-12 Christian Schallercomment out LADSPA plugin for now
2006-12-15 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding doap file
2006-11-21 Christian Schallerenalbe LADSPA plugin in spec file
2006-10-04 Thomas Vander Sticheledocs/plugins/: added v4l2 stubs
2006-10-02 Christian Schallerstop removing gdkpixbuf plugin from package
2006-09-27 Christian Schalleradd audiofx plugin
2006-05-15 Christian Schallerupdate with latest changes
2006-04-11 Christian Schallerfix version number macro
2006-03-22 Christian Schalleradd videobalance plugn
2006-02-27 Christian Schalleradd annodex plugin
2006-02-17 Christian Schalleradd Jurg's patch for multidevice support
2006-02-03 Christian Schallerupdate spec file
2006-01-16 Christian Schallerupdate with love
2006-01-09 Christian Schalleradd Sun Audio plugin. Verified that nothing breaks...
2005-12-04 Christian Schallerremove pango plugin as its gone into base
2005-11-30 Christian Schallerupdate for latest changes
2005-11-27 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS; remove old stuff from spec changelog
2005-11-23 Christian Schalleradd cutter to spec in
2005-11-11 Christian Schallerfix Cairo entry
2005-10-21 Christian Schallerupdate for latest additions
2005-10-05 Christian Schalleradd latest files
2005-09-26 Christian Schalleradd auparse to plugins list
2005-09-20 Christian Schallermore spec file fixoring
2005-09-20 Christian Schallerfix spec files
2005-09-09 Thomas Vander Stichelegst-plugins-good.spec.in: spec file fixes
2005-09-02 Thomas Vander Stichelevarious spec fixes
2005-08-30 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd some files