qtmux: Write 'btrt' atom for H.264 media if possible
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-good.git] / gst / quicktime / atoms.c
2011-04-12 Arun Raghavanqtmux: Write 'btrt' atom for H.264 media if possible
2011-04-12 Arun Raghavanqtmux: Write avg/max bitrate to ESDS if available
2011-04-12 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wold-style-definition
2011-04-12 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wwrite-strings
2011-04-12 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes to...
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: add xmp support
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: write all udta children atoms
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: prevent leaking hdlr name
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: support for ALAC
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: refactor building stsd entry 'wave' extension
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Adds moov recovery feature
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: for fixed-sample size streams (PCM audio, etc...
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: Set the mdia hdlr name field to what quicktime...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: streamline moov data memory storage
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Actually use new caps info on renegotiation
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Do caps renegotiation when it only adds fields
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: support more of j2k
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: remove c++ comments and add some more comments.
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: add ima adpcm support
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: support for SVQ3
2011-04-12 Thiago Sousa Santosqtmux: do not add size to the pointer variable
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: handle 'late' streams
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: adds the EDTS and ELTS atoms to atoms.c
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Adding some ifs for protection
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: fix flags_as_uint to flags[]
2011-04-12 Edward Herveyqtmux: Remove unused variable.
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: only use (64-bit) extended (mdat) atom size...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: compress/optimize stsc writing
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: add 3GP style tagging (and refactor appropriately)
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux (and variants): handle pixel-aspect-ratio. Fixes...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgppmux: enhance ftyp brand heuristic. Fixes #584360.
2011-04-12 Thiago Santos[qtmux] Fixes segfault when adding a blob as first...
2011-04-12 Mark NauwelaertsAdditional media type support in qtmux (and friends).
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Dual license qtmux LGPL/MIT. Fixes...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/atoms.c: Fix mj2 sample description metad...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Revert previous commit.
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Dual license LGPL/MIT, as apparently...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Cut detour in sample description extens...
2011-04-12 Thiago Sousa SantosCopy qtmux from revision 148 of the gst-qtmux repository.