2011-11-23 Alessandro... v4l2sink: emit application message when cropping
2011-11-23 Alessandro... v4l2sink: keep aspect ratio when the xoverlay window...
2011-11-18 Alessandro... v4l2sink: keep cropping into account when configuring...
2011-11-17 Alessandro... v4l2sink: handle pixel-aspect-ratio
2011-11-17 Alessandro... v4l2sink: remove redundant video_{width|height} fields
2011-11-17 Alessandro... v4l2sink: remove misleading log about changing caps...
2011-11-16 Alessandro... v4l2sink: rework the buffer pool code
2011-09-22 Alessandro... autovideosink: add video/x-raw-yuv-strided to the list...
2011-09-08 Alessandro... v4l2sink: more cropping fixes
2011-09-06 Alessandro... v4l2sink: v4l2-gfx driver cropping workaround
2011-08-04 George Kiagiadakisv4l2sink: always handle X events, not only when we... GLP1.4
2011-07-06 David HenningssonPulsesink: Allow chunks up to bufsize instead of segsize L24.14
2011-06-28 Alejandro Gonzalezqtmux: Store 1st TS when detect we get 1st buffer
2011-06-28 Rob Clarkfixes to mux h264 stream utilizing ctts
2011-06-27 Luciana Fujii... effectv: enable renegotiation flushing mid-way
2011-06-27 Alessandro... v4l2sink: handle GST_EVENT_LIVE_FLUSH
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: fix issue seen with autoconvert
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2: prefer NV12
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkuse GstEventCrop to get crop info
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkadd rowstride support
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkuse GstQueryBuffers to get buffer requirements
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2: increase v4l2sink element rank
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: Add support for omap_vout driver
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: Add support for omap24xxvout driver
2011-06-27 Kiran Natarajuv4l2sink: Add flip property.
2011-06-27 Kiran Natarajuv4l2sink: Add rotation support.
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2: fix handling of RGB32/BGR32 formats
2011-06-15 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.30 RELEASE-0.10.30
2011-06-15 Raimo Järviudp: Fix compiler warning on mingw-w64
2011-06-15 David Schleefinterleave: Work around changes in g_atomic API
2011-06-15 Jose Antonio... rtp: Fix segmentation fault processing payload buffers
2011-06-15 Pino Toscanopulse: Define PATH_MAX if it isn't defined
2011-06-15 Sebastian Drögewavenc: Allow setcaps to be called after a format was...
2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.29
2011-05-05 Edward Herveyqtmux: Fix signed floating point values writing
2011-05-04 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroskamux: avoid building index when streamable
2011-05-02 Tim-Philipp... build: add old qtdemux/quicktime directories to CRUFT_D...
2011-05-01 Tom Janiszewskiflvmux: don't overwrite metadata tag with duration...
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp... quicktime: rename plugin to isomp4
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-26 Wim Taymansrtpgstpay: fix buffer leak
2011-04-25 Philip Jägenstedtjpegdec: documentation typo "jpegddec"
2011-04-25 David Schleefavimux,matroskamux: Add stream-format to h264 caps
2011-04-25 David Schleefpngdec: Remove temporary code
2011-04-24 Tim-Philipp... configure: don't pass -Waddress to ObjC compiler on...
2011-04-24 Tim-Philipp... quicktime: rename plugin filename from *qtdemux* to...
2011-04-24 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2011-04-21 Tim-Philipp... docs: add various qtmux variants to documentation
2011-04-21 Tim-Philipp... quicktime: register 3gppmux element in addition to...
2011-04-20 Olivier Crêtertpsession: Remove incomplete support for RTCP FIR
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... tests: add generic set_index test
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... flvdemux: fix deadlock on setting index on flvdemux
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... tests: add index-setting test for baseparse/flacparse
2011-04-18 Sebastian Drögewavpack: Remove bus GSource to prevent a valgrind warning
2011-04-18 Sebastian Drögewavenc: Remove bus GSource to prevent a valgrind warning
2011-04-18 Sebastian Drögetagschecking: Remove bus GSource to prevent a valgrind...
2011-04-18 Sebastian Drögeimagefreeze: Remove bus GSource to prevent a valgrind...
2011-04-17 Tim-Philipp... avidemux: fix 'variable may be used uninitialized'...
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... gst: update disted orc backup code
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... docs: update for pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... qtmux: refuse incomplete legacy h264 caps
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... v4l2sink: fix another unused-but-set-variable warning
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... pulse, speexenc, rtpgsmpay: don't use g_assert() for...
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... examples: fix some warnings in rtp example
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... examples: don't put code with side-effects into g_assert()
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... deinterlace, matroska: fix two variable-may-be-used...
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... jack: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with gcc-4.6
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... examples: fix 'control reaches end of non-void function...
2011-04-16 Robert Swainv4l2src: Address unused but set variable
2011-04-16 Robert Swainoss4: Address unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainjpegenc: pulsesink: raw1394: Address unused but set...
2011-04-16 Robert Swainy4mencode: shapewipe: Address unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swaintests: Address unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainvideomixer: Fix argb/rgba overlay orc code
2011-04-16 Robert Swainvideomixer: address unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainrtp, rtpmanager: Address unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainquicktime: Remove unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainmatroska: Remove unused but set variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainimagefreeze: Remove unused but set duration variable
2011-04-16 Robert Swainflxdemux: Remove unused but set keyframe variables
2011-04-16 Robert Swainedgetv: Remove unused but set height variable
2011-04-15 Tim-Philipp... flacparse: update for gst_base_parse_frame_init() API...
2011-04-15 Olivier Crêtertpsession: Use existing functions to parse RTCP FB...
2011-04-15 Olivier Crêtertpsession: marshal GstBuffer as a MiniObject instead...
2011-04-15 David Schleefmatroskademux: Better calculation of framerate
2011-04-15 Tim-Philipp... qtmux: default to dts-method=reorder and presentation...
2011-04-15 Mark Nauwelaertstests: qtmux: test various dts-methods
2011-04-15 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: fix corner case buffer handling for reorder...
2011-04-14 Sebastian Drögeflvdemux: Don't leak the SEEKING query
2011-04-14 Sebastian Drögeqtmoovrecover: Don't leak the static recursive mutex
2011-04-14 Sebastian Drögev4l2radio: Free videodev string before replacing it
2011-04-14 Sebastian Drögematroskaparse: Allow webm and matroska caps and don...
2011-04-14 Christian Fredrik... Add parser plugin
2011-04-13 David Schleefdirectsoundsink: Add conditionals on WAVE_FORMAT_DOLBY_...
2011-04-13 Tim-Philipp... capsdebug: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-13 Tim-Philipp... avidemux: fix unused-but-set-variable warning with...
2011-04-13 Tim-Philipp... ac3parse: fix unused-but-set-variable warning with...