v4l2sink: emit application message when cropping
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-good.git] / sys / v4l2 / gstv4l2sink.c
2011-11-23 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: emit application message when cropping
2011-11-23 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: keep aspect ratio when the xoverlay window...
2011-11-18 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: keep cropping into account when configuring...
2011-11-17 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: handle pixel-aspect-ratio
2011-11-17 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: remove redundant video_{width|height} fields
2011-11-17 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: remove misleading log about changing caps...
2011-11-16 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: rework the buffer pool code
2011-09-08 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: more cropping fixes
2011-09-06 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: v4l2-gfx driver cropping workaround
2011-06-27 Alessandro Decinav4l2sink: handle GST_EVENT_LIVE_FLUSH
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: fix issue seen with autoconvert
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkuse GstEventCrop to get crop info
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkadd rowstride support
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkuse GstQueryBuffers to get buffer requirements
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: Add support for omap_vout driver
2011-06-27 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: Add support for omap24xxvout driver
2011-06-27 Kiran Natarajuv4l2sink: Add flip property.
2011-06-27 Kiran Natarajuv4l2sink: Add rotation support.
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerv4l2sink: fix another unused-but-set-variable warning
2011-01-20 Tim-Philipp Müllerv4l2sink: fix accidental breakage of navigation interfa...
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerv4l2sink: don't put functional code like ioctl calls...
2011-01-02 Tim-Philipp MüllerRevert "v4l2: add norm property"
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2: add interlaced support
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: add navigation support
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2: add norm property
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2: cleanup get/set input/output
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2xoverlay: add support to create window
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: special handling for cases gst_buffer_make_me...
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: add properties to control crop
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2: re-enable x-overlay support
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: fix for PAUSED->READY->PAUSED state transitions
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: add "min-queued-bufs" property
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: Add support for blocking dequeue.
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: don't render preroll buffers
2010-12-29 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: Improve behavior for shared buffers.
2010-10-10 IOhannes m zmölnigv4l2sink: Only get/set overlay params if needed
2010-10-10 IOhannes m zmölnigv4l2sink: Protect against NULL-pointer access
2010-07-06 Michael Grzeschikv4l2sink: destroy buffer pool when changing state to...
2010-06-21 Stefan Kostv4l2sink: use glib defines in property declarations...
2010-06-21 Stefan Kostv4l2: use G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS to save a few bytes...
2010-03-18 Benjamin Ottegst_element_class_set_details => gst_element_class_set_...
2010-03-17 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes warning...
2009-09-10 Stefan Kostdocs: fix gtk-doc warnings
2009-08-04 Sebastian Drögev4l2: Remove some OMAP specific hacks
2009-08-04 Rob Clarkv4l2sink: change where buffers get dequeued
2009-08-04 Rob Clarkv4l2: Add v4l2sink element